The Sequentium VMC System

Does anyone have any info regarding this machine? is it up to date? and is it effective? a place in toronto uses it and says its a advanced computerized machine. I just hope it works.

Any information regarding it would help!


James can probably add more detail, but I remember from previous postings that the VMC it is a computerized machine and a step up from the Sequentium 328. By all accounts it is a good machine.

I’m sure James would add “in the right hands” to that last statement.

Here is one thread where Dee talks about one she has used.

A website with info about features of the machine:


In my opinion, the VMC is somewhere between 3rd and tied for second place on the short list of the best machines currently available.

Of course, having said that, I must add, (as AliciaDarling said) in the right hands. Skill is always a consideration, and mistakes with one of these machines can be a much bigger problem than with some other machines.

What, in your opinion, takes the 1st and 2nd place?

Apilus Platinum is in my 1st place. Second place would be between the SX-500 and the Silhouet-Tone VMC.

Of course, that is my personal opinion that will be derided by some, ignored by others, and agreed with by others.

Thanks. How would you rate the Apilus Jr, Apilus Sr, and the Sequentium 328, as they relate to clients’ comfort?

Aside from the fluff that is the pre-set settings, self-tests, memory for 300 clients, and other similar add-ons that aim to replace the good old pencil and paper, I needed some time getting used to the sequential current that takes that extra fraction of a second, after tapping the foot pedal.

As a client, I can say the Apilus Senior II is excellent regarding client comfort, surpassed only by the Apilus Platinum.

In my opinion, the Apilus Jr and Senior would edge out the Sequentium 328 by a hair.

As for the current, you may need to adjust your auto sensor delay. As for the currents that take a second or more to work, that is just a point of getting into a rhythm.