The power of advertising.


I am a doctor and I use apogee 6200 Alex in Greece. People here are not so well informed and try all kind of flashlamps and laser just because it is well advertised on TV. For example there are some beauty salons all over the country that use greenlite or photolyssis and they claim that they have the exclusiveness of the method. Nobody knows what kind of equipment this is as they special made covers with the trademark of the beauty salons ‘exclusively’. When someone gets a consultation there they sometimes say that this is the latest laser technology and sometimes they say that this is not a laser because lasers are long gone by.
I have very low prices such as 30-45€ for upper lip or 200-350€ full legs and bikini. The outcome is you cant confront advertisement.
I would like to share your experience on the power of advertising.


The whole purpose of advertising a product or service is to part you from your money.

There are many laws and regulations in regards to what you can say, or what claims you can make - and these laws vary by country and even state…

It is so easy to put in some claim that people will take at face value… there are some things that people mostly take for granted… So, if you see something that says “Recommended by a Doctor” or “Clinically Studies have shown…” those claims mean nothing, but to a lot of people, they are the assurances they need… “it must be good and right, because a Doctor recommended it” That Doctor could be a veterinarian, or have a financial interest in the company…

I could go on and on about this topic, I work in Advertising/marketing - the reality is that if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is a scam… Question every claim they make, look for respected journal and peer reviews… if you don’t have the proof, then it is not proven…

Andrea has many, many examples of the techniques that people use and the claims made for some products… It is the same for the weight-loss industry, the baldness cure industry, the penis enlargement industry, the baby food industry, the environmental groups, the auto industry etc etc…

It is only through finding comprehensive and unbiased information on places like this which also allow a free exchange of uncensored ideas between real people and their experiences that you can feel confident with the information you are using to make a decision.

I hope Andrea realises what a service she is doing with this website… The people who are lucky enough to find it sure do…

I know we all thank Andrea for her efforts, but to remain impartial, to have a scientific basis and to be comprehensive are attributes that are sadly lacking in so much of the ‘information’ available on the Internet these days…



You need to counter the beauty salons with advdertising of your own. Things like the products used by the salons are not powerful enough and that you are using a more powerful medical device that needs to be used under medical supervision for safe and effective results.

If doctors are not allowed to adertise try a press release and maybe you can get the news media to give you coverage.

Your rates are very low! Maybe you need to increase them to reflect the value of your services. With some products and service increasing the price increases the sales too. It’s that exclusivity thing!



Having worked in advertising for many years, I know exactly how easy it is for consumers to be misled, especially if they are really desperate and really want something to be true.

There’s a saying in advertising that nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising. Unfortunately, with many hair removal products, but the time the truth comes out, these people have made their money and have moved on to the next scam.

Regulations and laws tend to be even more lax in many European countries, so I’m not surprised you have to deal with outrageous claims from inexperienced practitioners.

Thanks to all for the kind words about the work we are all doing here. I am very proud that we have been able to come together to discuss facts and avoid the hype and quackery that was far too common before I put this forum up.

The best way to combat hype is with facts. There are only a few bad apples who are midleading people, and many more honest practitioners and companies who put consumers first. In the end they (and we) will prevail!