The only thing that works?

The only thing that works is expensive electrolysis. You would think with all of the modern technology out there, there got to be a better way. Really how hard is it to stop hair from growing. All the creams and gagets out there are all scams on permenet hair removal.

I’ve been going to an electrolysis for years, they have reduced my growth dramatically, but I still have some stubborn hairs that wont quit.

The time wasted driving there. Hearing silly talk. Waiting ariud because they’re late. Not to memtioned the expense. I’m just getting frustrated with all of this.

I still think there is a better way, just waiting to be discovered. Something that really works!


I totally agree, and I can really sympathise!!

I’ve had over 200 hours now, and I still have hair. OK, it takes days to get to the point where it’s noticable, but it’s still there.

And my skin is toast as a result. I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow, and I’m going to ask to see a dermatologist.

Keep your chin up though…
It works in the end - just take care!!

I assure you that no one wants to find a better way to effect permanent hair removal more than electrologists.

You must consider what you are asking medical science to do here. You want to find a way to make the body stop doing a bodily function that it carries out in thousands of different tiny pockets at different rates, in different time frames.

I doubt anything short of genetic manipulation could fit the bill for what everybody wants, since no matter what we do, the body tends to want to regenerate itself to it’s former state.

Keep your chin up, and finish your treatment schedule and it will all be a memory.
The more work you have done up front, the quicker you get to having full clearances every time you visit your electrologist, and when that happens, you will soon have fewer, and shorter appointments.

James W. Walker VII, CPE