The next day...

Just wanted to share my joy… I usually wax every 2 or so months… almost the whole body… I had it done again yesterday, and just wanted to share that wonderful feeling when you wake up the next day, all the ‘freshly plucked chicken’ look has gone, and your skin is so soft, and smooth… what a feeling that is…

I am sure those who wax can relate to that first day sensation… how the soap just glides over you in the shower, how your clothes feel different against your skin, how you just have to look at how nice your skin looks, and feel how nice it feels…


David: I couldn’t have said it better. That is why I tell men to try body waxing if they want to experience a sensation that is almost as good as sex.I wonder how many men who have tried a body wax say they didn’t enjoy it. The problem with doing it once it make you a slave of wanting to do it every six weeks; and that is why I ultimitly got the hair removed by electrolysis. Thanks for telling it as it is.

I know I am preaching to the converted here on HairTell, but as a single father of three kids, this is about the one indulgence I make time for on a regular basis… I would be cleared permanently if there were a decent electrologist in my town. I have the time and the money, I am just in the wrong location, so waxing for me is what it will be until I move or a good electrologist sets up shop around here!

Smooth is good!

Long live the hairless!



IHH: Its too bad you can’t find an electrolysist. I finally had all my chest,underarm and pubic hair removed by electrolysis; because I couldn’t stand the period between total smoothness after a waxing and letting the hair grow untill it was long enough for the next waxing. Now I am smooth all the time. It is something you must do if you like being smooth.