The neverending saga


After trying out a new electrologist and consulting with another electrologist, I believe my original eletrologist is doing blend right. The scabs I got worried me but they are mostly healed so given time they are going away. I will ask her to turn down the thermolysis to reduce the scabbing I get.

The first electrologist was definitely plucking. She didn’t cause scabbing but I want each hair gone after two or three sessions. Her work grew back very quickly. she does blend with less than a second per insertion, I think this is not possible.

The second electrologist told me that she doesn’t get great results with coarse male hairs and doing a lot of hair could take her years. She mentioned needing an average of ten insertions to destroy a follicle on an upper lip. She confirmed the difference between plucking and popping sensations.

So, at least I know when I have a good thing now. :grin: I’ll make a recommendation if things go well.


As a rule, anyone saying they are doing blend in less than 2 seconds is leading you down the garden path. Only very weak hairs could be properly treated in 3 seconds or less unless the energy was up really high. Coarse hairs usually take a minimum of seven seconds or more to treat.

Don’t let the fact that you see new hairs in the treated area in 3 weeks fool you into thinking that this is proof of a person’s poor treatment. One can not judge proper electrolysis on that. It would take more than ten weeks for any follicle treated to try to regrow hair. The hairs you see in 3 weeks or less were below the skin’s surface or not yet formed at all when treatment was effected.

Good luck, and keep us informed on your quest for a good practitioner in the great state of North Carolina. We need someone to send all our HairTell friends to down there.