The natural look

I’m a male and i would say I have excessive body hair. My legs are really hairy and they pretty much end abrumptly at my ankle creating almost an illusion of pants. Well besides the hair that spills onto the top of my foot!

My stomach, chest and back are overly hairy too. And I’m only 18! Personally I’d feel uncomfortable, not to mention the time it would take, with going completly smooth. I would just like a more natural look with my body hair.

Is this possible? Any advice or tips?

HI Yardstick,

A lot of women actually like the natural look on a guy. I don’t mind if my husband is clean shaven, but I prefer him(and he prefers) to be more natural. It is ok if a guy is hairy, unfortunately, it is harder to be a women with a lot of hair. As long as you feel comfortable in your own skin, it doesn’t matter if your hairy or not. So go on and be your “natural self”!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

ok well what about places were hair is generally a no no, like the back I know, I try to shave it but I think I may get it waxed before summer is in full swing. What about the tops of the feet? I have alot of hair there, would that be alot like the back or are guys expected to have hair there?