The importance of a good therapy animal....

So I have a very laid back electrolysis studio ( My bedroom) and a very laid back pooch. I actually grew up with Labradors, my mom used to breed and show them before she died. We trained a number of moms dogs to be therapy dogs. The animals would go into seniors residences for example.
One of the harder areas I’ve had to deal with, pain wise, is under my chin. I often have to stop because I can no longer take the sensation. This has greatly slowed progress in this area.
So this afternoon my labrador, Mischief, joined me while I did electrolysis performed by Nightfrost. I usually dont like to bring her because she tries to lick my face :slight_smile: But she was perfectly behaved. I managed to keep one hand on the anode an the other petting her while Nightfrost worked. She fell asleep :slight_smile:
Funny thing is I didnt have any issues with tolerance today and Nightfrost as a result made good progress.Therapy dogs do work :slight_smile: