The Epilator Rash


Anybody have advice on the best way to avoid/treat the epilator rash? For those unfamiliar with this lovely phenomenon :smile: it’s this red bumpy temporary rash that seems to pop up when you get the brilliant idea to use your epilator on a new spot … where the skin turns out to be too sensitive for it.

It goes away, so it’s no biggie, but any advice?


Those red bumps are VERY common and usually last a day or so. You can sometimes help minimize them with the following steps:

Trim hair before epilating.

Epilate after a shower, but make sure skin is dried completely.

Cleanse the area with witch hazel right after, followed by 100% aloe gel.

Alternately, many find Tend Skin can really help reduce the red bumps.


Thank you Andrea! I followed your instructions (using the witch hazel and aloe - didn’t have any Tend Skin)and it did seem to help! The rash still popped up, but it was much fainter. Thanks!

I wonder why epilation causes different results from plucking! That’s always puzzled me. Seems like plucking and epilation are the same thing. But apparently not! Plucking doesn’t seem to cause this acne-like rash.


I suspect it may have something to do with multiple passes you sometimes need to make to get all the hairs with an epilator. Sometimes it tugs at them without pulling them out, which might cause additional irritation. It may also have something to do with the epilator’s direct contact on the skin.