The Dirty Mustache

Hello … I just kinda ran across this site and have a question? My problem is I can go out and use the best razor’s on the market, the best shave creams, and spend a good 20 min shaveing my face. As I rince up, my mustache is still there, no stubble, smooth but a mustache still in plain view.

Am I doing some thing wrong when I shave?
Is it the roots that I am seeing and should I switch to a depilatorie cream? Electro is a bit pricy and I dont know if a wax would work. Any suggestion?


What you are seeing is the dark roots under the skin.
The only solution would be electrolysis, or possibly laser.

If you tried waxing it could create further problems such as ingrown hairs.


Hi Raden

Don’t worry you are not the first guy too have a “blue chin” after shaving. You may need to do something like electrolysis if this really bothers you. A word of warning though - it is permanent if you have it done. Sometimes it can look strange on a man to have no facial hair or sign of it.


This is true!
One of my students zoned out working on my face, and now my mustache is uneven for life. I have to even it up or get rid of it some day.