The Diet Cure

I’ve suffered from excessive hair growth since i was a child, i had more hairs on my arms and legs than most of my female friends, as i got older the situation only got worse, and now i have hairs all over my body. I checked all my hormons, had ultra sound of my ovaries, everything came up to be normal, but still noone can convince me that hair on my cheeks and chin, on my back, on my chest and stomach are something normal, since i’ve never in my hole life seen anyone with this amount of hair, so it’s pretty abnormal for a girl.

Now i’m wondering what can i do about that beside removing hairs from the outside. I know that my problem could be hereditary, or it’s just the way i am, but i think that in the last year something seriously triggered hairs to grow even longer and in places i’ve never had before (like my cheeks and chin). I’ve lost about 4 kg, it’s not much, and i’ve never been overweighted, nor am now, but maybe that caused some changes in body chemistry or something.

I’m reading here that some of you recommend this book, so i was wondering if anyone had any succes with changing his eating habits, or if anyone who read it can tell me is it worth buying (that is a bit difficult for me, since i’m from a small far away country, and when i put together all the costs, it could come up more than i can afford, i’m a student btw)… Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

First check the library.
Next, check Ebay. $5 to 10 US should get it to you from that source, even with the shipping.

I hope some who have read and used it are still reading and posting on the site. It is a very helpful book. It is NOT a diet book, however, so it is not about changing your diet to lose weight. It is, however about how certain things we eat can cause problems, and how certain nutritional constituents can level off and control the hormonal problems many people have.