The Craziest Electrologist.....EVER!

I happened across “Kimberly Williams” page when doing a google search for “transsexual electrolysis” and boy, is she nuts. I had read on Hairfacts about some of her antics, but when I pulled up her page…oh dear. The whole thing is basically a poorly spelled, schizophrenic rant against Hairfacts, Hairtell, most of the electrologists who post on here, and the world in general.

First of all, and this goes without saying, I hope NOBODY ever uses this person for anything. At the best she’s mentally ill, at worse possibly dangerous, and I wouldn’t ever trust her near my face with a needle. Secondly, is there no state board or something that regulates cases like this? I mean, a doctor in this condition would lose their license in no time flat. How is this person still allowed to perform hair removal, when she’s so obviously off the deep end?

First of all, her license to practice electrolysis was granted and is maintained in the state of Massachusetts, but she lives and works in Arizona. That means her practice is out of the jurisdictional reach of the licensing body that granted her that piece of paper. She does no actual hair removal in the state of Massachusetts!

Secondly, Arizona is an unregulated state, so there is no governing body overseeing the practice of electrolysis in her area. She is NOT a member of the American Electrology Association, and even if she were, they could only admonish her to “take a chill pill” or face expulsion under the morals clause.

Like many of the ongoing rants here on this site and others across the net, I would hope that people can read what is there, and come to a good conclusion about the veracity of the information and the reliability of the source of said so-called information.

Now, for disclosure, I must inform you that about once a year, she does something to attack me, like the year she spent all of Christmas Vacation calling around the country to personally bad mouth me to electrologists all over the USA. (As if no one was going to call me to inform me of this deranged behavior) I also seem to have a place of (dis)honor on her site, and in her mind where she spins great yarns of my exploits and a whole life I know nothing about.

My lawyer says I have a clear cut case of slander based on many of the things she has printed, posted, and said, however, he also points out that proving damages to be awarded would be problematic, because who in their right mind would change their mind about seeing me based on anything this fruitcake said, no matter how many times she said it, and no matter how many forums she said it in.

Anyway, there is a special place here on HairTell where you can read the conversations between Andrea and Kim, and if you dare read the whole thread, you will be very afraid for the people of Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona. Those folks, after all, don’t know if she is standing in line in front of them at the SuperMarket!

Yeah, I noticed your name on the page. What a psycho! When I say “she’s crazy” I really mean it; her “word salad” manner of speaking is very much diagnostic of some kind of schizoid disorder.

It’s too bad there’s not some kind of national certification to keep bad apples like this out of the mix. I can’t believe someone so obviously dangerous can continue to work away, with no licensing body capable of doing anything.

What’s her website??? I gotta read this crazy stuff! LOL!

I guess I should have figured someone was going to ask a question leading to this link… here you go.

Kim Williams info page

Kim Williamgs HairFacts Page

Thanks, but that link doesn’t take me to her website.

Links on those pages will take you to her website. Do you think I would put a plain link to her site without explaination? Besides, don’t you know, linking to her page yet again would be a grievious additional incident of page jacking, as the google importance score of this site trumps her own, and will continue to list any mention of her on this site above any mention of her name on her own site, due to our exponentially higher net traffic.

Of course, if you all go to the links from the hairtell page, she will see an uptick in her hits, and maybe move up higher on the google search of her own name. She would like that.

Those pages have links to [Bostonschoolofelectrolysis dot com] and [FiveStarElectrologist dot com]

I meant that that link took me to a hairtell page that said:
"We cannot proceed.

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•If you are trying to view the Mature Topics Archive, you must first activate it on your Change Display Preferences screen.

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I’ve also tried using the search box for Kimberly Williams and it doesn’t show anything about her website. And I’ve tried googling her name but it just leads to some actress with the same name.

I understand your concern about linking directly to her page.

Ah, yes… one of my favorite unhinged stalkers!

Kimberly Williams HairFacts Page

Definitely one to avoid!

I like how in Kim-World, I went from being one of Andrea’s aliases, to her lover and virtual slave. (Is that a promotion?)

I don’t know how Andrea and I are supposed to be conducting this relationship, as we have never lived closer than 500 miles away from each other and the current distance is about 3,000 miles.

“I like how in Kim-World, I went from being one of Andrea’s aliases, to her lover and virtual slave”

Sounds like poor old Kim might be lacking something in her personal life.


Benji Boy did you happen to read this thread? She may have violated US federal privacy laws bigtime. Reading this is like being dropped into the cosmic bunny hole.

I stopped reading after she started discussing peoples heritage as I could feel myself getting angry. Although Iv’e now read through the remainder and it does make the mind boggle.
I’d hate to think what would happen if she posted that “supposed” video on youtube.

Kind regards,

firstly thank god m not in the US…
secondly lollll it does make a good holiday read

I bet there are some nut cases like this humanoid where you live as well my dear Simran… but once you get over any thought that you could catch this psycho in a truth, it just becomes funny.

Imagine all the time and effort wasted by this dork.

She called me on the phone and argued with me over the idea that there is no test or certification that can GUARANTEE that a practitioner is, in fact the best one can get. I ended the conversation reminding her that you can’t get a room full of electrologists to agree on what good treatment is, how would one cannonize a test criteria that the majority of us would agree on?

Ok, let’s see,
1.) Hair doesn’t return after last treatment. Everyone Agreed? Motion Passes!

Next up, Minimum of skin irritation, (LETS GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLE!) Someone call the riot police, Please, Order! ORDER!

That stupid terrorist thing she posted is about me ! :slight_smile:

Oh, by the way, I think it merits a mention that since this thread was started, K. Williams has added a Utah License to the Massachusetts paper on the wall, thus proving that licensure is no safeguard against having someone like this working in an industry.

Both state boards will politely tell you that any complaints you have can’t be acted upon, as the actions discussed did not happen in their state jurisdiction where the license resides.

Best advice ever when it comes to kw, keep the same rules as you would with the bears in a national park. You shouldnt feed the bears and you shouldnt feed crazy either!