The costs for Electrolysis

I was trying to figure this out. So for example one clinic charges 60 for an hour of treating. I’m thinking of doing the space between my eyebrows and my cheecks above the beardline. Thing is, some of the hair you can’t even really see while there are thick hairs there as well. That’s why I don’t want to do Laser.

Since they are small areas and I only need the dark hairs to be removed, it doesn’t seem like much work. Could I even get them all done in 1 treatment?

Also, I got the impression that it is much more expensive than Laser at the end but I think people want every single hair gone. I would just be hapy if the dark noticeable hairs are gone. So for small areas with not too much hair to be treated, would I be off much cheaper at the end? Could it also be like, at one point I could just quit treatments when I feel like enough hair is destroyed?
Thanks for you help.

Hair grows in cycles. You will need 12-18 months of treatments at least 4-5 weeks apart to kill all the hair in those areas, no matter how few. What you see currently is only a portion of all the hair that grows there.

You probably don’t need an hour of treatment every 4-5 weeks. I’m sure they do 15 and 30 minute appts too. An average electrologist removes 5-6 hairs per minute, so you can estimate the number of minutes you’ll need each time.

Just to ad to the previous answer: most electrologists do not charge in one hour steps. You usually just pay for the actual effort, ok with a minimum fee covering the base costs.

As long as laser treatment actually works and if large amounts of hair is to be treated You are absolutely right. If it does not work as hoped (which unfortunately is the case quite often), the cost of laser treatment is lost.

In situations like the one You sketched, however, well done electrolysis should be even cheaper than laser treatments.

Could it also be like, at one point I could just quit treatments when I feel like enough hair is destroyed?

Yes, of course You can stop. Due to the cyclic nature of hair growth the amount of visible hair would increase a bit after Your last treatment, but it will remain reduced.


Yes, if I can estimate how much it would take if the technician can treat 5 hairs a minute, I think in total she would probably need less than half an hour.

Still, I’ve been plucking for 5 years and I don’t even know exactly how much hair I have. How long would it take at this point for everything to be visible if I let everything grow back?

Anyway, just a quick thought. For example it’s 40 bucks for 30 minutes. And I need 11 to 16 full clearence in total(I took into account what LAgirl said) in a year to a year and a half, I would end up paying 480 to 640? Did I think that out correctly or am I wrong. Cause that would definitely be worth it for me.

If you leave all the hair to grow, you should need approximately 3 or 4 clearances.

I agree Beate, if only the thick hair is selected, the zone will have a reduction but the remaining hairs can change in the future and turn into thick hair. It is important that this is clear for you. And that you do not interpret the “change” as a failure of the Electrolysis.

Yes I realise this. I highly doubt that I will grow more thicker hairs there in the future but yeah it won’t have anything to do with the treatments.

Anyway so you’re saying I could be done after 3 to 4 clearances? Would that mean I could be done in like half a year

Also won’t it be more difficult for the technician if she only has to remove the thick hairs or is there no diffirence…

You don’t know whether you’ll grow more hair in the future. How old are you? Most people develop NEW hair into their late 20s. Then hair can grow as a result of hormonal changes due to pregnancy and such.

Anyway, 3-4 clearances is too few for an average electrologist. I think Josepha is estimating based on her personal skill set.

With an average electrologist, you’ll need at least 1 clearance per month for about 12-18 months. It depends on how strong your hair is etc. But I would estimate 30 minutes per month for 12 months. As you get past month 6-7, you likely won’t have 30-minute worth to treat. There will be less and less hair to treat with time.

Thank you LAgirl, but my estimations are based on a standard of behaviour repeated of similar form year after year.

It is not a question of the personal skill, is a matter of strategy, and of applying sufficient energy to every treated follicle in order that this one does not produce hair nevermore.

The results of the Electrolysis are predictable if the hair development of the individual has reached has ended in the concrete area that will receive treatment.

First of all: i am still a newcomer and still have to improve my skill a lot.
At present i am at typically 30 % reduction from session to session, sometimes even more, sometimes less. Which means that i would need more than 3-4 clearances, especially in the face.

So it really is possible to be done under 5 treatments that were perfectly executed?

How do You define treatment? Absolutely full clearance removing each and every fine hair which might become stronger in order to replace a hair that has been removed permanently?

For me personally it’s removing the particular hairs that bother me, which are the noticeable dark/thick hairs. I don’t need like smooth skin. It’s not too many hairs that way, probably between 150 and 200.

I have the healthy habit of supporting all my affirmations with graphical tests that demonstrate it.

This is a face (before):

This is immediately after first clearance:

This is one week later:

I can predict that this girl will not need any more from 3 clearances. what you think?


Since it can be seen of closely together, the skin has not suffered overtreatment.

For the pictures above, it also looks like only the big hair was treated as I see peach fuzz type hair afterwards. That is kind of thing I’m looking for. I would think it’s easier to treat too rather than every single hair…

You would be surprised at how many people want us to remove those downy blonde and clear hairs, so well shown in this picture set. No matter how much we tell people that those identify them as Human, and not a wax statue, they insist that we have not finished the job until all those millions of hairs are gone.

We even had a poster here complaining that she had NEVER gotten to first clearance, because she had never had all these clear and blonde hairs removed. When I saw her in person, I was shocked, as there was not a single visible hair on that beautiful face, and she was insisting that she had not yet reached first clearance. She had in fact reached, FINAL CLEARANCE on her mask area. The problem at that time was that she was not allowing anyone to work on the area under her chin, so that it now looked strange that her face was visually as smooth as glass, while long goat hairs were easily visible under the chin, and along the neck.