The cost of laser hair removal

Im seriously considering having laser hair removal treatment done. When I was about 17 I noticed that I had hair on my neck and chin, so in sheer desperation I shaved it off. How stupid was I!! Now I have to shave every day and not only is that annoying but my confidence has hit rock bottom. I love going to clubs and parties but now that I have a constant shadow over the shaved area, Im paranoid that everyone can see it. Im really depressed about my situation and don’t know how much longer I can handle it.
I know it is exspensive but roughly how much am I likely to have to pay? Also I live in the Hertfordshire area in the south of the UK and I’d be grateful if anyone can recommended a place to go that is reputable and resonably cheap??

Thanks for your help.

Just so you know, the shaving did not make you grow more hair, or even thicker hair. If you have noticed more hairs, that was what was going to happen to you shave or no shave.

Now they may appear thicker to you because a shaved hair has a blunt prickly end, and a virgin hair tapers to a point, and doesn’t pick up light in the same “disco ball” effect that stubble does, but you nonetheless did not cause any worsening of your problem by shaving.

I am usually able to get a female client to the point where I am all the hair removal she needs in less than a month. After that, we just maintain her clear skin, and after a while, I am just someone else on her Christmas Card List who she never actually sees in person anymore. :smile:

Here’s some general cost information in the US:;f=43;t=000130

Cristianos Clinic in the UK is probably the oldest and best known, but I recommend asking your dermatologist for a recommendation. Many places in the UK use scam devices or are bad practitioners.