The complete homemade tendskin guide

Alright. After finding lots of wrong information about making homemade Tendskin, I’ve put together a document describing the chemical composition and concentrations. Tendskin cannot be reproduced with witch hazel and 2% concentrations of aspirin as some have speculated. This is the complete and definitive guide to the ingredients of tendskin.

Document Link

I’ve worked on this in Google Docs to make it easier to edit as it gets updated. My analysis brings the cost to produce 16 ounces of Tendskin at home to $5.99. enjoy.

Discuss this document in this thread. I will do my best to answer questions.

I think I will also put together a full guide to making homemade sugaring solution (with pictures, wow!) because good instructions do not yet exist.

Wowie, where do we get these fabulous hairtell posters. Thanks for your time and hard work on this J M. It’s a great idea.


So is that there the recipe? LOL, im exited if it is…??, anyone make it yet? I cannot be spending these ridiculous amounts of money on tend skin, its insane, i really hope this it it…?

Please noone take that down , im going to work on making my own soon, has anyone successfully duplicated this? I saved the text lol, this looks like genious

Okay, i read it more thoroughly now… how do i measure the acetylsalycilic acid by mass?, what tools do i need for the entire thing, measuring cups etc?? thanxx

use a postage scale. The patent indicates that exact ratios are not necessary, but you should try to come close. 1/10 ounce precision should be fine.

  • 500ml measuring cup (the metric side of a pint sized measuring cup)
  • USA sized teaspoon and tablespoon

combine the ingredients in the measuring cup. Add 70% isopropyl alcohol to bring the total volume to 500ml. stir to dissolve the acetylsalycilic acid. Store in an air tight container (a 1/2 liter watter bottle works well)

Make sure it is a glass container. Right, JM? Thought I read that in a post a while back.

Ok ,I am soon going to order the ingredients needed to make this… i dont own a postage scale:-( ,im really kind of bad at following direcs unless theyre super spelled out for me…do you think i could have a recipe with exact directions ( i see youve already given me that mostly:-D) and exactly what is needed as far as tools step by step, i know im being horridly greedy here, im scatter brained so it would reallllly help me out, if you would be so kind… thanks , katrina ETA ( also is a glass container necessary?)

Here’s a great thread from 2003 onward:


anyone home anymore?? LOL

Did you click on amd read the information I provided for you above, banish? I thought that would have answered your questions.
I’ll post it again:

Hi , is the OriginalPoster available anywhere??? Just want to verify some things…

  1. I do not know where the rumor regarding the glass bottle started. Ignore it.

  2. The Directions are: combine ingredients; mix; use.

Glass bottle information is posted in the link I provided 9 days ago. Here is the post I was referring for easier viewing:

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"I have told people for years to just mix up aspirin and alcohol.

Applying the product without contact with skin you don’t wish to treat is a problem, but I would caution against the spray bottle thing however, because you don’t want to inhale this mixture, and you surely would not want anyone to make a mistake and use this spray bottle for any other purpose. As a clear liquid, it could be mistaken for water in a spray bottle. You may be best off sticking to dipping a cotton swab into the solution, or wearing gloves and using a cotton ball.

I recommend a glass bottle with metal top with a good seal, since any plastic or vinyl container will be dissolved by this mixture over time. Even the commerical product eats its way through the cap if the product is stored on its side or upside down.

Many a purse, gymbag and medicine cabinet has seen the wrath of Tend Skin."