The Big question

I’ve read through many,many posts and have not been able to find posts from individuals that have done “the 5” treament package and obtained 90+% reduction 12 or more months after the last treatment.

Most of the ads I’ve seen indicate that 90+% reduction of dark hair (on light skin) is common and reasonable. Is there anyone out there that has acutally achieved these results???
Several places in my area that use Light Sheer and Alexandrite lasers… for around $900-$1100 for five treatments of upper back and shoulders.
I’d be happy to shell out $1k if I had some confidence that I wouldn’t need to continue on and on with treatments…

Thanks in advance!!!

I have been researching this for some time.

What I have gleemed is that results vary based on the person, the place doing the removal, how often its done, and the settings of the machine.

I don’t think most people get 90% reduction. I think its a long term thing where you are going to have to get 4 or so treatments a year for several years to remove hair.

On top of that if you really want to remove all hair you may also have to do electolysis.

I am thinking of starting treatment myself but I am not expecting too much. It seems people after 2 years of treatments still get growback after I’m thinking it really takes years to get it all done. That being said I think the upside is that you have long periods of no hair, and eventually you will end up with less hair. I think the idea of removing all hair is marking b.s.

my 2 cents

Good question Hank. Unfortunately, I think “asdk” is right–mostly bad news. 90% reduction for 12+ months at $1000 seems ambitious. You could be one of the lucky ones who responds well (minimal treatment, maximum results, optimum cost) or one of unlucky ones who don’t (grow back, stimulated dormant follicles, injury…). I’ve seen all of the above on this forum. Bottom line-do your homework. Check out some clinical studies from “peer reviewed” journals. Familiarize yourself with the language of lasers and try to hold your practitioner(s) to high standards. Try to take on an active role in your treatment. Go in with your eyes wide open and know that it is going to be a long term investment (i.e. likely more than $1000 and more than a year). The good news is that if someone had 90% clearance for a year plus, I’d guess that they are not frequenting hair removal forums. They’ve probably moved on the forum dedicated to finding ways to grow back the hair lost from their heads.

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Thanks for the responses. Too bad the advertising isn’t more in line with reality.

I achieved 90% hair removal on my chest after 8 treatments and it was worth it. I had 50% after the first treatment. While it takes several treatments to get rid of most of the hair, even 50% is a major improvement. The remaining hair is finer and does not grow back as fast, and ingrown hairs are almost non existent.

Hair is very resilient and it takes time, money, and maybe some pain to get rid of it permanently. There is no free lunch when it comes to hair removal.

BTW, those are good rates for Lightsheer treatments.

With many products, the marketing people often overhype the claims, and laser is no different. That doesn’t mean that laser doesn’t work, or that all the hair grows back. You need to have realistic expectations.


Hey RJC2001,

I’m wondering how long it’s been since your 8th treatment on your chest.