The BEST pain reducer

I have been using Ultracet pills for my electrolysis and it works great! I went to my doctor and asked what I could do about the pain and she prescribed me Ultracet pills. At first she told me to take one an hour before my appt. but that didn’t work. So she told me to try taking two four hours before my appointment and one and hour before and the pain is almost non-exsistant. The only problem with it is that you aren’t supposed to drive while taking it. It doesn’t really impair my judgement or driving, but it depends on how your body handles it. I highly recommend this if you are thinking about taking something for your pain.

I would like to know more about this? Is it better than lidocaine and what not? I’ve read there are pills and pain killers pro football players use to cope with the grind of the season, but I heard they are illegal. Seems like this would be a legal alterative?

Has any one heard of the Zimmer 6?

Air cooler device from Germany. Available through Lumenis.

We use the Zimmer 6 at all of our facilities it is a great device! We also use a pneumonic skin flattening device that works well!

I’m in desperate need for some pain management help. I survived the 15 minutes sessions just and today it was 30 mins. Next ones are hour longs. I felt like crying, my body was making involuntary movements as the pain hit. I’m feeling so depressed as excess hair is the bane of my life and I need it removed. Right now the pain is unbearable and I feel so hopeless and helpless. I’m consumed by worry of the pain.

YES! Pain is the ONLY drawback to electrolysis. You only have to imagine totally painless electrolysis to understand the potential of our field. Indeed, there are many electrologists that are employing techniques that virtually none of us ever hear about. The associations work hard to suppress information; or keep members from being exposed to “scary ideas.” Indeed, when local anesthetic was developed (in Europe), the American medical establishment was opposed to the ideas. And, it took years for Americans to embrace what were considered “odd and dangerous” procedures. I’m endlessly frustrated by the lack of open-mindedness of virtually all the authoritative channels of electrology education, and especially the pedestrian associations. I know patients are frustrated … and electrologists are frustrated too! I know I am!

I looked-up Ultracet and it’s a trade name for tramadol hydrochloride and acetaminophen. (Several other trade names.) I took the medication for a foot condition (that eventually went away). I experienced some euphoria and became somewhat addicted (although I only took 1 - 2 pills per day). After reading about Tramadol addication, I discontinued the medication. Nicely, it is super-easy to get off the drug; no side-effects from discontinuing. Actually, physicians sometimes prescribe the drug for people getting off “hard drugs.” However, I would urge some caution and not ever take the medication “because it just makes you feel good.” I was doing that. My physician would give me HUNDREDS of pills at one time; so I thought they were harmless. (One prescription had 400 pills.) So, be careful with that medication. Addiction “creeps up” on you. Now, where’s my COFFEE? LOL

I’ve had laser hair removal and tattoo removal assisted by the Zimmer Cryo 6.
It may have helped ever so slightly but almost non helpful.
This was just my experience.

Another time I had lidocaine aerosol spay applied during my laser tattoo removal and this I found was noticeably helpful.

Thanks, this is informative.