The best electrolysis in florida???

I am tired of so much pain during treatments, my skin looking like chop meat and total crap days after treatment “even weeks sometimes”, scabbing, skin discoloration, and most of all minimum to no results after 6 months of electrolysis.

After going to multiple electrologists I have been unable to find anyone that has good experience and has the right equipment to get the job done with minimum side effects on the skin within Florida. I really do feel like there is no one in Florida that provides this service with any real experience in successfully treating male beard hair or anyone with decent amount of hair wanting to be permanently removed.

Wishing that James and the other master electrologists that are on this forum were in more closer location to me i feel so frustrated and lost about this thinking there is no one in Florida who can help me like they can.

Pleaseeeeeee if anyone knows someone or has been treated and is done and happy with there treatments by an electrologist anywhere in Florida let me know! I am just looking for someone who is experienced “CPE preferably” and has up to date equipment “like the apilus platinum and good magnification” so my skin doesn’t get such a beating and so i get optimal results with each treatment.I mean for a service that people are paying 60 to 100 dollars an hour they should only be getting that and nothing less!

Thanks, Jhair

Hi Jhair,

I posted this into another inquiry as well but just want to share this while you are waiting… you might want to visit the practitioner locator in this forum (if you haven’t yet)and might find something in there.

However, it would be even much better if someone who had a success with a certain practitioner in your area will contact you directly and share his or her experience. As much as I would like to, I am not in the right position to recommend, (& I am not from the same area as yours) so this is the least I can do for now.

Good luck! Wish you the best. Have a great Easter!

I noticed that there were no comments on any of the listings in the locator. How do you get a recommendation? I’m interested in someone from north Florida (panhandle), if anyone has a suggestion.