The begin ( Diode Laser )

Hi People of this Forum!

Yesterday was my first appointment for consultation. For a patch test my specialist treat a small part of the right side of my chest with Diode laser and the left side with Gentelase(Alexandrite). I notice that the area treated with diode is more red. My specialist said that the diode laser is more aggressive that the gentelase. Also, a notice that some hair fall out on the area treated with diode. I think that diode is the choice but I need to wait a little bit to see the real results.

I will keep posting!!

One of my favorite types of reports are direct comparisons fo two types of lasers, so please to let us know the outcome!

Hi All!

After two weeks my both test patch look well. In both sides hair started to fall out.
The Diode side still looks some red. But its looks more clear than the Gentelase side.

Hi Andrea!

Both sides of my chest look great. But the side treated with Lightsheer looks far better.
Now, I dont know if I should go for the treatment or wait a little more.

Go for it, I had my first treatment with diode a little while ago and I can’t wait to go in for my second treatment… Hopefully within a month and a half.