the attraction to shaving

hello folks,I would like to ask the question- Does the removal of your hair hold any sexual significance or are the reasons cosmetic.? The reason I ask is I am starting to deal with this aspect of myself and was wanting to hear other peoples experiances.Thanks

Being smooth, regardless of the method always starts of as being very sexual and then leads to being both sexual and cosmetic.

One day you’ll understand this answer.

For me, being smooth and hairless is a positive thing in two ways.

I feel better about myself, because I have a more positive body image - I know I look better without hair. The muscles are better defines, and the over all ‘look’ of the skin is cleaner and, well, smoother… LOL So if I am feeling better about myself, I am more relaxed and better able to enjoy myself and the situation.

Secondly, and this is where my opinion comes into play, although it is backed up by experience… Other people find the smooth, clean look more appalling, so they are more inclined to enjoy themselves, or to explore different thing… Massages are easier when there is no hair in the way, touching and stroking is easier, though the lightest of touches does bring on goosebumps, which can look a bit funny with no hair…LOL

I think being hairless get you back to the true basics of the body… past the ‘fluff’ so to speak of the superficial visual and into the realm of the physical visual…

If being hairless makes you feel more attractive within yourself, then that will translate to the outside world… others will find you more attractive because of your own confidence…