Hi Hairtell,
I posted here regularly when I got electrolysis on my upper lip and chin starting in 2004. My hair was crazy dense on the upper lip, and although there weren’t many hairs on my chin, one electrologist said they were “like wires”. :o

I experienced good treatment and overtreatment and various side effects, and the smart and generous people here on Hairtell always gave good advice. Thank you!

I finished my treatments in 2005, and it’s been great. When I think back to the hours of my life I wasted on dealing with my hair before electrolysis, I still get a rush of relief that I never have to live that way again! I got a brand new life thanks to electrolysis. WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Age and hormone issues have caused long hairs to sprout on my chin and jaw lately, and some new growth in the dreaded area under the nose. So I’m back on the table, getting a 15-minute touch-up every 4-6 weeks, and it got me thinking about this place. I’m so glad to see it’s still here and still helping people out. James, Dee, Andrea, and everyone else who helped me out back in the day: thank you.

To all the newbies, I have so been where you are. Dealing with the pain, studying your skin in the mirror looking for signs of progress (or scars!!!), etc. My advice is to remember this: Every day that you’re involved with electrolysis is one day closer to being rid of this stupid problem forever. It’s hard to see the end when you’re in the thick of it, but hang in there.

Good luck everyone,

I was bright-eyed reading your post, Susie. I remember your story well.

You were so generous with your information and your perspective as a consumer of electrolysis. I think I can speak for Andrea and James when I say THANK YOU for participating here and giving an honest account of what your electrolysis journey was like for you. I have no doubt that you, as a hair removal consumer, helped many.

One concept that I drive home with my female clients who have facial hair in the lip /chin circle area is, we can a profound, permanent difference for the bothersome hairs in that area, but you may be “cursed” with new hair growth throughout your lifespan. Hormones, medications that stimulate hair growth, genetic blueprint, prolonged stress, perhaps food choices can all stimulate new growth of the small hairs that were not a problem back in 2004. Many women need short cleanups 1-6 times a year.

Your last two sentences are golden. Thank you for peeking in with an update, Susie and all the best to you!