I am new to this site and just wanted to say what a relief it was to find it. I am a male with hair covering my whole body. I have always felt alone with my hairiness, I can’t talk about it with anyone, and I was always too shy to do anything about it. It effects my life greatly. I never want to do any outdoors-summer type things. I think by now I must have forgotten how to swim. Its been so bad that people have started to think I am gay b/c I don’t have the self-confidence to date anymore (even some family members). But when I found this site, and saw other people with pretty much the same problems as me I finally got the courage to do something about it. I ordered some wax strips and an epilator. I have spent all weekend trying to wax/epilate my own back, and while its been quite painful and there are still patches I can’t reach, I feel better about myself already. I know that this alone isn’t going to improve my life but its a big step in the right direction. I needed to say thanks to everyone who have shared their experiences here, b/c it motivated me to do something.

I am going to try and work my self up to going to a salon to get my back waxed for next time. If anyone knows of a good place in the northern boston area please let me know.


Johnk, you have come to the right place. More men than I ever imagined feel the same way. It took me YEARS to work up the courage to call an electrologist. Looking back on that, I wish I had called sooner because my embarrasment was unneccesary. My electrologist says she has seen it all. I think we are all our own worst critics. Call a salon and try waxing if you want to see the results. If you are concerned about privacy, don’t be embarrased to ask about the office or salon layout. I think most people ask about it anyway. At the least you will see that women don’t drop dead when they see a man with hair. I hear back waxing is the trendy new Hollywood rage anyway heh heh.

As for dating, I understand your worries. Been there, done that. You will begin to feel so much more confidence if you do something about the unwanted hair rather than letting it control your life.

Trimming your hair is another option. Sure, it’s not gone, but it is much less noticeable or objectional. More and more men are doing this now too.