Thanks to JW and lengthy testimonial:

I have had 6 treatments with James Walker over the past 9 months and I drive almost 3 hrs to get to Buffalo. I never expected to be doing such crazy shit before puberty hit me and continues to hit – especially being male and able to accept a lot of excess hair. I just got more than excess in many places!

Thanks to James for giving me treatments that each last 2 hours or more. The longest one was for 3 hours. The one electrologist I went to see in Cleveland only treated me for a half hour stretch at any one time (because of her bad back according to her… although she treated other people despite that bad back right after I was done?!), and used only blend. She also used an atiquated machine by today’s standards, unlike James’ machine.

Another important thing that I need to thank James for – he ONLY charges for actual treatment time. Any bathroom breaks, rest requests by me (when he puts on some cooling stuff on my treated areas) etc… are not counted. Again, this is the opposite of what my electrologist in Cleveland did. Even after accounting for gas and tolls I pay in addition to James’s fees, I still get a good deal because I only get charged for the actual treatment time.

I have to say this, but it was James who referred me to this Cleveland electrologist initially, so I have learnt to always be suspicious about someone working on you even when that person has a good reputation in the industry – since you are the one being fooled in the end. I would have never realized that this electrologist was bad if I hadn’t gone to see James. On a positive note, this subpar electrologist’s office looked much nicer than James’ office.

Going back to my treatments with James, I waited for 9 months before posting this testimonial since I didn’t want to mislead people if I got bad side effects or regrowth. I am still a bit sceptical about how permanent this will all be, but pleased with results so far and especially pleased with the lack of any scarring. I have done the middle of my unibrow and there is a striking improvement that I can easily tell. The only problem was that on the first treatment, James used the faster thermolysis on my eyebrow area due to the large number of hairs there, and I ended up with some scabbing and swelling that was visible for a few months. However, it is all gone now and since we moved to blend in the eyebrow area, the scabbing/swelling lasts just one day after each treatment.

I should also point out that both termolysis and blend treatments in other areas of my body have resulted in little swelling and/or scarring that is almost completely gone in a day or two. I also make sure that I apply Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Gel for the first few days after each treatment (Tea Tree Oil at night and Aloe Vera after my shower in the morning).

The other areas where I have had treatments include my back of neck and lower back. I know that all areas have improved, but it is harder to get impressed in those cases since the hair is more widely spread compared to my eyebrows and I have a lot of other untreated hair in or near those areas. Additionally, I don’t try to see the back of neck and lower back in the mirror. I would wish that all electrologists used digital cameras and took before and after pics over the long-term. It is a small financial investment with many benefits.

Overall, I am definitely happy with my decision to begin electrolysis. I want to get my beard reduced too, but there is no way I can get to the Buffalo area so regularly and for such a lengthy period of time. I will be very glad when scientists discover something simple and fast to remove body hair that puts all these electrologists out of business forever!

Laser doesn’t seem to be this “thing” as yet from what I have read, especially for my darker skin. The biggest worry about laser for me is the rumors that it can activate smaller/miniature follicles, which electrolysis would leave untreated. That scares me a bit.

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I am going to try this again, sorry if it is a repeat. I have to agree with this post. I went and got treatment from an electrologist that posts regularly on this forum. Although she talks a good game, her treatment was horrible and she left me with some pitting, after only a few treatments. Thank god I did not go for more treatments, I do not know how she lives with herself. Her damage to me has caused me significant depression and I have contemplated suicide. ANyway, I just want everyone to be careful, I truly believe the only way to protect yourself is to get references AND SEE THE ACTUAL WORK of someone they have treated, any good elecetrologist would allow you to see and talk to others treated (near completion). I am disgusted by the lack of concern for permanent damage that can be done. I do appreciate some of those posting with good information. Just did not want others so suffer like I am suffering.

what person posting on this board are you talking about? Who is the Electrologist that treated you?


You may be delighted to find out that many overtreatment marks that appear to be permanent skin damage to the unexperienced eye, do heal given a little time.

What area did you have treated? How was the skin reaction? How long has it been since the last treatment? How does the skin look now?

I must remind everyone, that when I post the names of local electrologists in responce to “who is good in AnyCity USA” I make a point of saying, how I know that person. When I only know them by reputation, I say so. I also follow that with, “…but I have never seen her/his work, and you should check others in the area to compare and find who is actually best for you.” When I have actually had work done by a person, I let you know, and give you the kind of information that only someone who has had work done by that person can give.

In this case, I had said that this person was the only person I even knew of in that area, and that she should be checked out. Well, now we know… and now we all know.

So post in the Referral Section so we have a better chance of being able to find the good ones in every city across the world.

Could it be “jenniecries” has re-registered on hairtell as “kel”??? What say you,“kel”, are you also “jenniecries”? Please enlighten us.

Having read the above post, it took me a while, but I think I have put two and two together, and have concluded that I’m the electrologist that kel speaks about.

The following is going to be long and if I am wrong about my assumptions (meaning,I’m not the one you refered to), I will humbly apologize.

All can view what “jenniecries” said in her first post in September of 2003 on the thread "Electrolysis no proof it works"located at:;f=1;t=000326

I know Jenny G. or Jenny P. (she gave me two different lasts names) who now maybe “kel”, because I am the electrologist she contacted privately for information stemming from that’no proof it works’ post. I did not solicit her as a client. She called me to set up an appointment even after I encouraged her to contact two electrologists, I knew in Northern Ohio. Her profile said she was from Michigan, and my practice is in central Ohio, a driving distance that I thought was too long to be practical for her to maintain the desired consistentcy with appointments.

She asked if she could make an appointment with me and I saw her just four times according to my records, from October 22,2003 to Nov. 21, 2003.
She presented with a lot of very fine blond facial hair and wanted it ALL removed. She was very sweet, very pretty and did not strike me as a “freak” , a term she used to describe herself. She expressed her feelings of desparation about getting rid of the hair without damaging her skin.

At our first appointment, she gave me a Cleveland, Ohio address. Her profile said she was from Michigan? Okay, her grandparents live in Cleveland. Then she told me she would be living somewhere else, which was only two hours away, and it wouldn’t be difficult to commute as she and her little girl could stay with her boyfriend near a certain college he was attending. Okay?? that sounds plausible. If she didn’t mind the two hour drive, it was not for me to worry about.

According to my notes, Jenny G. (“kel”?) had 4 appointments with me from late October to mid- November. Each week, blend was used, at her request, and the working point was established (starting low and slowly working up until the hair slid out). Ballet gold .003’s were used. It’s all documented on her chart and I have a little “skin result” column reserved for client feedback about their skin reaction. Each week that she returned, I asked her the question I ask every new client, “How did your skin heal after treatment?” Her comments after the first time: “I had a few red bumps for three days”, followed by the next appointment results, “I healed well”… Never did she express deep concern that her skin was being overtreated. She walked out of my office looking no different than any other client who just had an electrolysis treatment.

After her fourth session, we scheduled another appointment, however about five days later she e-mailed me to say she was sorry, but she got a job that would be a distance away and it would be difficult for her to keep driving to the central Ohio area. She said she would start the search for a new electrologist closer to her new locale. She expressed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about being dissatified with her treatments. She thanked me for my help. I e-mailed her and congratulated her on her new job and told her to call or e-mail me anytime she needed help. I told her I completely understood the distance thing and wished her luck.

There’s something very visceral that happens to a person when one get’s sucker-punched, maligned, misrepresented. That’s what this woman has done to me and an apology is in order. So as to understand this woman, I have re-read several of her posts and there’s a common denominator with everything she says. Here are 14 examples from her posts on hairtell.

“I am so stressed”

“I have been struggling with the hair issue for a while and had to seek counseling help because of severe depression.”

“I am scared to death…and the depression is taking over my life.”

“Is there hope? Is the rest of my life going to be filled with self-hatred and depression every time I look in the mirror?”

“…seems like I am asking for the impossible. I guess that is where the depression comes in. I feel like there is no hope.”

“I feel so hopeless and sick about this”.

“I am really struggling with the depression… I do not want to hurt/damage my skin, but I cannot live with this hair, it is destroying my life”

“the depression is overwhelming. I feel like I cannot get up in the morning”.

“I do not want skin damage, that is very distressing for me”

“I am scared, I would never want permanent damage to my skin and I fear I see a bit of this”

“I cannot explain the depression I feel, each morning is a struggle, I fear there is no hope and have thought of ending it, to be honest, I fear the lack of responses suggest no hope.”
“…it is devastating to feel abnormal like a freak and feel there is not a solution. I know several people who have thought of suicide, seriously, because of a hair problem with no hope of help and being normal”.

“I worry that…there is nobody out there to treat this and it adds to my sense of hopelessness and depression. I cannot tell you how this has changed my life for the worse, I can never face people and feel like there is no hope. I cry often and wonder if I will ever get rid of this hair and move on with my life.”

" I feel great depression and it’s interfering with my life."

I am so very depressed…I cannot live with the hair, but I do not want skin damage. I fear I see a few small pits. Each morning I awake,I am hysterical,I think I cannot live with this, I have even had thoughts of “ending it all”…I am so afraid…is there really no hope?"

You can see the full context here if you think I’m making this stuff up:;f=1;=000389;f=1;t=000414;f=1;t=000427;f=1;t=000419

(hopefully, I got all the little dot’s and i’s correct) If not, do a search on kel.

I challenge any electrologist to try and please this woman. There’s something deeper happening, that is out of any electrologist’s grasp or expertise. I happened to have lived closer to kel than any of the other electrologists that post here regularly, so I’m guessing that is why I had the honor of being contacted for treatment???

I have spent a lot of time with ‘kel’ trying to empathise with her, trying to encourage her, trying to help her. She had access to my e-mail, home phone number, office phone number so if she ever needed to ask a question or voice a concern, I was available to her. I even wrote down three, maybe four names, of clients with fine blond hair, who I treated, who were done and happy. She requested this of me, and I happily complied. I took my time to call these clients to see if it would be alright for Jenny to call them and discuss their situations with her. I bent over backwards for this woman. I volunteer my time here on hairtell regularly as do others, for no financial gain or other reward. We give our precious hours out of humanly concern and a genuine concern for those who suffer with unwanted hair.

Speaking of which, let me offer kel some targeted advice and genuine concern:


Maybe hair removal advice isn’t what you need, perhaps more counseling for your depression would be in your best interest. I saw your face and you’re beautiful in every physical sense. Believe me folks, she IS as cute as a button.

Now, if I’m all wrong about who you are, I will apologize for this very,very, very long post, I promise. But I don’t take kindly to being sucker-punched. I don’t think anyone would.

wow, apparently I really hit a nerve, but you need to know, I am not “jennie”. I live in lorain and others know who I am referencing. I have no intention of giving the name or bad reputation to anyone, but I felt people needed to be very, very careful who they trust. Electrolysis is serious business and bad work or damage cannot be undone. I have seen very bad work, and it is scary to ruin someone for life. I want people to be careful and I really believe the only way to know if someone is good is to SEE their actual work, sorry but it is true. You should know that this hair problem causes significant depression for many, many women, I have regular email contact with several women from this forum going through the same feelings and we get to share our experiences. It helps. The hair issues causes some real depression, that is so important for any electrologist to know. But, people need to be very careful this is a highly unregulated and quite scary field, the new clinic I contacted admits this openly and they are letting me come in to see women who have had treatment for a while and let me talk to them. That is important. YB, in reponse to your questions, I had 2-20 minute treatments with a lot of lumpiness and it has been several months since I stopped going and I see pitting, so I really think this damage is permanent. Any suggestions for healing?? Geeez, I guess I need to avoid giving advice on this forum as a consumer?? Anyway, thanks to those that donate their time and are good at what they do.

Which area was treated? How much hair did it have? Did it scab and for how long? If it scabbed, what did you see when the scabs fell off? You didn’t pick the scabs, right? How big are the pits? Do they look like enlarged pores?


You don’t need to lecture any electrologist on the depression that hirsute women
feel. We already understand that very,very well. May I add that hirsute men feel
depression, too?

Another thing “kel”, or shall I describe it as a uncanny coincidence: Jenny told me she was moving to Loraine, Ohio for her new job. Hmmmm.


YB, I had some of the upper lip and side burn area treated. SOme do look like the size of an enlarged pore, very distinctive pits. YOur advice is appreciated. Also in response to the last reply written, think what you want, I am here to receive and give advice. Food for thought for consumers, be sure you really trust your electrologist, I would not unknowingly want my detailed personal treatment information posted on line. The new clinic consult went well this morning, I will keep others posted as to how progress goes. They were really open and helpful.