Thanks James!!!!


I checked the site, but seems they are far from me. As I am working, I can not go on weekedays.
Will call them and see if can make weekend appointments.
Other than this, I made some appointments from yellow pages. I already met three electrologists. One does multineedle galvanic, other does thermolysis. The lady with multineedle charges extra for disposable probes. She said she could work one hour appointments two days a week.

The thermolysis lady, did not give me idea about number of hours needed for my face. She said she will will just work for half hour initially and see my skin reaction. From her talk seemed, skin had scabbings for sure. Maybe because it is Thermolysis.

Now I am confused between galvanic, belnd and thermolysis. I read on this site that blend is best for face. James, can you tell me if I should go for Blend or others for my face?

I have four appointmenst on Sunday. Will see which methods are used by them. I will keep you posted.

I think firstly I have to decide about the method. So If some one can help me, I will appreciate.


CA is the homeland of the blend method, so it’s not surprising that you will find many blend techinitians in your area. Anywhere else in the world, thermolysis is, by far, the most popular method. This leaves galvanic well behind on popularity, only for those who’re really into it.

What type of hair do you need removed? Coarse? Curly? Fine? How much hair?

I suggest you read this forum and about how to tell a good electrologist. This is the most important thing in your treatment, because all modalities do give permanent results.