Thanks AEA

FYI - Just received my copy of The Journal of Electrology. I’m trilling! The home-study course compiled by Teresa Adams, CPE from the National Institute of Health website on Endorine Diseases is awesome. I love this stuff. It is worth the price of admission. Great ad from Dectro as well. They are offering a 2-day workshop, Modern Electrolysis Symposium in Quebec, August 28th - 30th, 2011. Good work AEA and Dectro.

Sigh. Something like this should happen somewhere in Europe.

[size:14pt]I second the motion!!![/size]

You could join AEA…there are international members…

Includes mailings, JOE, listing online…and more!


I did not know this. What are the conditions for access?

Hello ! The Modern Electrology Symposium is also accessible for everyone who speaks English and who already has some experience. For more information, please visit:

What a happy coincidence!, in August, just when I took my month off. And I can practice my French. Definitely, I think Canada is a good destination for my next vacation.

Merci beaucoup Dectro.

For all those who couldn’t attend the Modern Electrolysis Symposium in Québec City last year, Dectro has prepared a DVD pack containing six conferences. What’s even cooler is that 5 of them are eligible for CEUs. For more information, please visit :