Thank you Mike Bono

Recently Mike Bono discussed the process of “vetting” with new clients. I believe this is very important. The electrologist wants to know if the client is serious about electrolysis? Do they have realistic expectations. Do they understand that electrolysis is a treatment program? Do they understand and accept there are side-effects, although temporary? Once these issues are out of the way, the electrologist can feel at ease and move forward without the fear that the client is unstable or mentally hyper sensitive. There are some clients I refuse to treat. I simply tell them they are not good candidates for the procedure. At times an incident can come out of nowhere. Michael has also discussed that apart from skin disorders there really is no such thing as sensitive skin. Everyone that lies on the treatment table is convinced they have sensitive skin. In reality, there is nothing wrong with their skin. They simply react a certain way and that is normal for them. I recently fired a “vetted” client that had a little more skin reaction than she normally experiences. Word got back to me that she “did not like it,” and she pulled the “sensitive skin” routine, however, we all know where that leads - a negative smear blaming electrolysis and/or the electrologist. I refuse to treat her in the future (if I ever hear from her) as all of this raised a red flag emblazoned with the word “trouble”. I’ve been an electrologist almost 40 years and I can see these things coming before they happen. You live and learn.


Yes, “firing” those clients is sometimes necessary. I had to do it twice. If You’re relatively new in the business, they are usually faster to leave You - and that can be very noticeable in Your other client base…