Thank you lagirl but I have a follow up question:

if I have #2 skin type with more blondish type hair than dark hair which would you use the diode or sciton? Thanks alot for your help! I read quite a bit on the sciton and it seems to be the cadillac of lasers. I was sold on the depth of the laser vs say the diode. Wouldn’t, by definiton, the longer laser depth mean that more follicles can be treated?

I am a 36 year old male who has received 4 diode treatments 2 years ago with about a 60% reduction in back hair. I want to receive more treatments to sort of “finish” the job but not sure which laser to go with.

your best bet is alexandrite or diode laser that you have been using. laser doesn’t work very well on blond hair at all. you are lucky you received some sort of reduction. how long has it been since your last treatment and what settings were used btw, do you know?

Depth of laser matter for certain areas of the body where hair is rooted deeper. Sciton laser is a Yag and reaches deepest to avoid burning dark skinned patients. That shouldn’t be your concern. You need the most powerful laser at highest settings, which is alex or a diode. Or, there is a new Comet machine with RF technology (that claims to treat lighter hair) or Aurora (IPL with RF) tha claims the same. Those claims remain unsubstantiated on these forums though. We haven’t seen any positive results from anyone with blond hair yet. So please keep us posted. Laser works by targeting the dark pigment and most of the time blond hair doesn’t have enough pigment.

I might have misled you a tad. I am a strawberry blonde with some blonde hair and some darker hair but type 2 skin nonetheless.

I was very happy with the intial result. It has been a little over two years since I started treatments and probably getting close to 2 years since my last treatment. No question some hair has returned but I still believe I have 60% less hair than when I started. I am happier with the results on my back and less happy with the results on my shoulder.

Quite honestly, I can’t recall the setting I used although I remember it was real high for my last treatment. Thanks for your advice. Ya know, the more I think about it, it is foolish to switch to another laser when I know the diode worked for me. Do you have any opinion about the technician putting cold packs etc on my back just after treatment? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose in a way if the idea is to weld/burn the hair follicle bulb and then the technician cools it down so rapidly?? Thanks again.

no, ice packs are good after treatment and help redness and swelling go away.

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