THANKSSSS SWEETY.This sight has helped me and many others so much and we appreciate it all.

Happy Holidays Happy New Year to everyone and hopefully this time next year we’ll all be as smooth as a baby’s tush.


After 45 Years as a Full Time Electrologist I have tried all forms of hair removal and only needle type electrology can result in Permanent Hair Removal, with a proficient electrologist.

In the past 5 years our practiced has never increased as now! Why? X-Laser pateints are coming in every week. Many looked good for 2 years but all the hair grew back. Most sue and recover all or most of their money. They will only spend a small fraction of the monies recovered to have permanent hair removal by electrology. Now they can use the rest to take a good vacation.

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I would have to agree with the sentiments Fino. With a good electrologist, the money most spend on laser before they are disgruntled would have either cleared them totally, or gotten most of the job done.

Of course, some will say that is just your experience, my experience, and Mikes experience, and a few other loudmouths like us who say we get such good results :grin:

I think there are many more silent types who are getting the same results and are too busy clearing skin to be bothered with this question.

Thanks for joining us here!

Hi, I am an electrologist from Spain. I am pleased to hear people like Fino to say electrolysis have a great future. Thanks. Thanks also James W. Walker who has helped me much. And thanks Andrea for maintain this forum and I am advertising your webs in my country. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Francisca Rodriguez Ubeda

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone, and thanks for your help in making this the sort of high-quality forum I envisioned! I look forward to a great 2003 with all of you!

Is electrolysis ok for large areas like the chest or back? Isn’t it really time consuming and much more painful?

SLCentral, if you have light skin and dark hair and do not go out in the sun, laser can be a good way to knock down the amount of dark hairs. In some consumers, the result is permanent, but few have complete removal from laser. Electrolysis on large areas can be effective, but it’s very time consuming. Whichever you choose, practitioner skill is essential.