TG in Norway

Suddenly I have a new client group; Trans Genders! Norway is a libeal country, with the respect and acceptance of all sexes and beliefs; helped espesially after a TV-show on our national broadcast called “Jentene fra Toten” (“The girls from Toten”/ The show is about Marion Arntsen and her husband, who opened their beautiful house by Norways largest lake Mjøsa, in Kapp/Hedemark to TGs (MtF and FtM) of all ages. Shes this wonderful inspiration and helper of those who are confused and dont know where to turn in the beginning. The show is about a few "girls" and their lives - such a moving, humouristic and beautiful show! So after one of my clients "came out" to me, I made him (or "hin" as they define themselves)call Marion. And from that she and I developed a wonderful and constructive relationship. No one knows more about TGs than her! Since I also am a skinspecialist, stylist and makeup artist, I suddenly had a new client group!! I help the “girls” with the ajustment to the wonders of womenhood… Electrology/blend beeing an important part of the transformation; We(all my “girls” and I) wonder if theres an effective and long-lasting anasthesia - oral or topical - that can be purchased? Here we only have EMLA (topical) and its not very effective… Electrology is very painful, and some of these “girls” travel a long way, often from both Stockholm and Copenhagen + all over Norway to get treatment; and undergoing treatment for many hours will challenge anyones patience and pain-management!
Lookin forward to hearing from all of you!

Hello BeautyGuruNorway,

I know (for a good source) that your girls are in good hands. This is a real pleasure to have your participation here. I have a huge desire to meet you in person, and I hope someday to give you a real hug.

You have become my hero!

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