TG Client

I have been working on a gentleman for about 14 hours currently just face work. At first I was affraid that I might not address him with the right gender. Today starting into the 16th hour I found myself now refeering to my client as one of my Ladies. Wow her face lit up… and she said how happy she was to of had someone see her for who SHE was. Wow I think that was a preety big moment for me to!!
Electrolysis has softened up her face sooo much. You can see the woman behind the beard.
During the rest of our session we talked girl talk and she worked on her “fem” voice.
Did I do the right thing??
Any advice???
I truly have a great respect for the TG community and would love to see more ladies in my office.

Hi Nanci:

I think you did the right thing, since you read the situation correctly. Just being open about accepting people who are different will probably get people to come out to you.

I came out to my electrologist after seeing her for over a year, and when I was getting ready to go full time. She has been wonderful and a good friend.

Maybe some day you will get referrals from others, but your accepting this client has certainly opened the door for that, and you will surely learn a great deal.
Kudos to you.


Hi nanci,

I am absolutely certain that you did the right thing here and I believe that you will reap considerable benefits here if for no other reason than you made her happy. Still, some do not feel comfortable “outing” themselves and it is usually a good idea to let them bring the subject up. But you handled this one with a five-star rating!

While there is very little empirical evidence to support this, working theory and anectdotal evidence support that a TS female, one with gender dysphoria, is an individual where the male brain failed to develop prenatally. This like so many other physiological conditions varies in severity from mild to severe. You can assume that anyone who is in gender transition is severely so and what you actually have is a woman in a male body on your table. The only known method of relieving gender dysphoria is by antiandrogen/hormone replacement therapy and gender role reversal.

The antiandrogens/HRT do produce feminization as well as giving the person the feelings and mental attitudes of a natural female. After all, they already have the nervous system for it! The gender reversal allows them to function within society and not have to continue trying to be what they are not. Remember too, that it takes total desperation, in most cases, for a person to even begin the process. It also takes a lot of courage to continue the process through to conclusion. Making the required changes are not an easy thing to accomplish and any encouregement is a gift of God as it happens so infrequently.

When you accepted her as one of “your ladies”, you in fact gave her a safe haven from a very cruel and unforgiving world - that does not have a clue about what she is facing and really doesn’t care. Some in fact are openly hostile and demeaning - not to mention potentially violent. The only real positive is that the therapy does relieve unimaginable inner strife and torment which make the non-acceptance by society a cake walk by comparison.

I would like to commend you for your compassion and caring to this woman and remind you that we all reap what we sow. You have given her a small but very valuable gift and she will remember that day forever.

All my best,

Thank You for your support!!
I’m now invited to a TG New Years Bash !
I can’t wait.
Has anyone ever gone to Port Angles Wa for the week long confrence?

Hi Nanci:


Besides meeting some new potential clients, you may also make some new friends.

I am not from the west coast, but have talked to people from Washington state on some message boards.

I hope you have a lot of fun.


I had a GREAT time!!!
I met wonderful ladies at the open house, a new client, and some new friends!!
If you know of any TG folk’s MTF or FTM looking for support in Tacoma Wa. they have a GREAT GROUP!!