Hi, is there a problem at texaselectrolysisstore.com. I was speaking with the proprietor there and they kindly helped identify what I need, but I have been unable to obtain a shipping quote from them since first requesting one on the 2nd February.

Every time I’ve dealt with them its been the same, they cant generally tell you how much shipping is until they ship especially since to send to my country its usually sent by mail. I can tell you that they only ever charge for shipping what they themselves pay.They are one of the more economical companies I have the fortune to deal with and Jennifer who takes sales orders is very knowledgeable.I’ve never once had to question a shipping charge from TES.They are one of my hands down favorite suppliers to deal with. if you havent tried the 3c peer vigour ( they call them "peer swiss " on their site) tweezers, you have to try them. They are hands down my favorite tweezer to use both for grip and acuracy.


Let me chime in as a supplier to Texas Electrolysis supply. (I just completed a $1,200 order for my books.) Although suppliers have 30-days to pay, Texas pays me immediately. Sometimes it seems they pay me before I ship!

The “other distributor?” Not so good; took more than 6-months and many phone calls and letterS to get paid for their last order. I don’t deal with them any more. No Bueno!

Here’s the problem with shipping quotes.

You don’t exactly know what it’s going to cost, until you get to the post office. For this reason, I don’t charge for shipping at all. To get a quote for your stuff, Texas would have to go to the post office with the stuff, weigh it, get a quote, go back to their office with your stuff and then send you a quote.

They might be able to give you an estimate (depending on what the stuff is) but you never know until you get to the post office: it’s a “crap shoot.”

Just pay the shipping and make it easy on 'em!

Thankyou - I will do! :slight_smile: I wasn’t wanting to make things complicated, I just presumed it would be a simple matter.

I got everything sorted thankyou, and the package is now steadily making its way to me. As well as some other bits and bobs, it has all three of your books in the package :slight_smile:

Hello Michael

Everyone (whom I know) are waiting for your e-books on your website electrologynow.

I wish it’ll be available soon.

Thank u,

I know, it’s SO ANNOYING! I only have to get Eric to put the books on Amazon! (All of them are already in PDF). LAZY LAZY LAZY! did I mention “Lazy?”

I will have all the books (including the original 368 page heavy-weight … that everybody hated).

So, there will be, The original “Blend Method.” The shorter version “the Blend Method,” “Telangiectasia,” and “Treatment Strategy.”

By eliminating printing costs, shipping costs and distributors … I can make this pretty cheap indeed. And it will be too.

I wonder if JSA will allow me to put the Japanese version in an ebook too? I’ll check.

Michael since you gave up on your youtube channel, can you make instructional videos and put them up for sale? Educational videos can always relay knowledge in ways a textbook just can’t.

It seems to me Michael has a growing backlog of projects that he has yet to complete. Give him time.It’s difficult for popeye to split his attention when he has only one eye for looking!

Thank you for the updating so I’ll tell everyone looking for the .pdf books to go to Amazon