Andrea, I checked my testosterone level and it’s quite high (22.2). Anyhow, i didn’t get any sleep
the night before the test and i know its levels are lower before sleep. Should i check it again?

What measurement method was used? Total? Free? Was it performed by an endocrinologist or a lab?

The normal range for total testosterone levels for healthy young adult men is 8 to 27 nanomolar. If this was the measurement used by your doctor, you are well within normal male range.

Some tests express normal male range as 290-900 ng/dl.

The only reason i took those tests was to feel better with my body hair.
Please refer to my question- could it be that it is even much highr if i checked it after proper sleep? 22 is only 19% lower then the high limit so it is already helps my emotional side :smile:

Testosterone fluxuates significantly during the day. You may get a much different reading at another time in the day (higher or lower).

What does a low level of FSH mean? mine was only 1.6

Normal range is 2-9 mU/ml for healthy adult males. FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) acts on stem cells in tubes adjacent to the testicles to create spermatogonia and to stimulate (with the aid of testosterone) the production of sperm. Spermatogonia are cells that either divide by mitosis into other spermatogonia or divide by meiosis into spermatocytes, followed by spermatids and finally sperm cells.

The “follicle” referred to in FSH is different than a hair follicle, although both structures have similar features (stem cells, hormonal end-organ receptors, etc.). Females also have these types of follicles, which either produce oogonia by mitosis or ova by a similar pattern of meiosis as sperm production.

If you have questions about the results of your test, you should ask the practitioner who administered it. I am not qualified to analyze the results of a hormone assay.