test patch


i had a test patch done about 3 weeks ago and the area was totally cleared. the hair was burnt to the skin and shed after a week. There are a few hairs starting to grow through and I was wondering if this shows whether or not I have responded to the treatment. How do you know? Does the shear fact that the hair fell out mean that I’m a good candidate, or could I still be unsuitable for laser. Thinking of booking a course of 6 treatments, but am worried in case I don’t respond to the treatment (as in all the hair just keeps growing back, no lighter or thinner).


Matty the new hairs could be hairs that werent treated and were in a resting phase just starting to pop up.Or they could be hair that just werent treated effectively.

I would caution buying package deals unless they give you some sort of deal of getting out if you want to.Its risky if you shell out a large sum of cash and you find later your not satisfied with how its going.Just my opinion.