Tension in facial muscles during and after Blend electrolysis.

I had a consultation today with a Blend practitioner. She informed me very well about electrolysis and then removed 6 hairs, four of these on the side of my neck. I could feel the probe beeing inserted and then she had the electricity on for 5 sekonds, pulled out the probe and then took out the hairs which came out without resistance. But the strange thing is that when she did two of the hairs at the side of my neck, I felt how my face on that side became tense like somebody was stretching my skin. I told her and she said that sometimes nerves can be affected by the current.
A strange tension in my face skin/muscles lasted for several hours and I think that it still feels a little strange in that area (but I’m not sure) - has anybody experienced anything similar? Is this dangerous?!
I must say though that the practitioner was VERY knowledgeable and professional. She had gloves, good light, explained everything (all different modalities) etc etc.

Today it still feels a bit strange in the right side of my face, around the mouth and a bit up the cheek. It is similar to a slightly numb sensation, like the area is a bit heavyer then the rest of the face. I called the clinic where I had the treament but my practitioner was not there and another woman answered my question and said that I shouldn’t worry at all about the numb feeling, that it’s temporary. But I still worry. Has anybody experienced something similar?

Yes, I’ve had a similar experience.

It happens because blend uses electrical current (to induce a chemical reaction. Thermolysis just uses heat.)
When the current is close to a nerve, you get the effect you describe.

The results won’t be permanent, though. I’m surprised you say you still feel them …

Yes my practitioner told me that it is because the insertions were close to a nerve and becuase she seemed so knowledgeable I didn’t worry about it then.
But I tend to be somewhat sensitive to things happening to my body, that means that I obsess and think about it a lot sometimes. But I do belieive that I still feel a little different on that area of my face, allthough it is not a strong sensation but still noticable. Maybe it will fade away. I just hope that this isn’t something that will happen everytime I get treatments.

I have had hairs at the nape of my neck and on the side removed with blend and I experienced the same thing. Sometimes it is very strong, but I have had no aftereffects. It is the current flowing. I had a hair on my ear removed with blend and I experienced a funny taste in my mouth!

Hi Webster.
I don’t know why I still feel strange (a little electric or tense) on that area of my face where I felt the strong sensation while undergoing treatment. Meybe people respond/recover differently or maybe some nerve was a little damaged. I hope that I will be fine for future treatments.

I had several hairs removed from the side of my neck last wensday and now three days later (saturday) I can see that in two of the little dots from the removed hairs there is very small black hairs (you can’t see them unless you stretch the skin a little and look really close). Is this black hairs remnants from the removed hairs or are the removed hairs growing in again after only three days? This black hairs/remnants (?) are exactly on the same spots as the removed hairs, not adjacent or near.

Now it’s exactly one week after my Blend test treatment and the strange sensation in my face is still there. Mostly around the mouth and a bit up towards the cheek and a bit down towards the jaw (at the right side). I sometimes I forgett about it and it isn’t that noticeable when I eat and talk etc. But when I don’t do anything with my face, the numb and slightly sticking sensation appeares again. It’s like a feel that that part of my lip is swollen, but it’s not. It just feels that way. I called the practitioner tuesday and she said that it does sound a bit strange that the sensation is still there.
I don’t know what to think about this and if I should have more treatments.

Now it’s 9 days since my treatment and the sensation is there. It’s a burning and sticking sensation which is irritating and it gets worse when I get cold, and sometimes it just goes away - but always comes back. But nothing shows on the outside, on my skinn, so I think it must be a nerve damage. On monday I’m going to call the clinic where I got the treatment. It’s a clinic where they also perform plastic surgery, so they have a doctor.

This is frustrating though. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

Good news. I went to the plastic surgery clinic where I underwent the Blend treatment and the surgeon at the clinic there examined me and explained thoroughly what I was experiencing and that it is not permanent and will fade away in a short time.
I am now calm and the face has become better two weeks after the treatment. So people, sorry if I have scared you. But I must add that the surgeon said the complication is becuase of the Blend treatment, but as I said - it is temporary (but scarry if you don’t know that).