Tendskin for cheap

Does anyone know where i can find tendskin for a less expensive price?

Had you used the search feature, and put in the words “Tend Skin” you would have found at the top of recent posts this 5 star post string last active the day before you asked this question Tend Skin can’t be cheaper than mixing it up yourself. .

Ah,yes, the search feature, I shall be wise enough to use it next time, thank you James.

That tendskin thread is ingenious! It should be made permanently atop Page 1.

Is tendskin available in Adelaide, Australia?
If it is, where can i get it?
Is it a lotion, gel or what?

I asked a tendskin rep this question for you 2 months ago and just got this information today:

Tendskin can be purchased at:

Danne’ Australia Skin Care
93 Williams Street
Perth, Australia

Okay tinklebell, if your still tuning in, hopefully you already found it somewhere closer to where you live??? Being that Perth is pretty far from Adelaide (32 hours or 1,700 miles), you can have it shipped. At least you are still on the same continent.


Wow! u actually took the time to look out for me… THANKS A BUNCH!
however, it is far! i still can’t find it here… but i found Ned or something like that… is it good?

for hair removal for my legs, i have pretty much shaved all my life, with the exception of a few waxes at the salon–and one way or another, i, too, can’t seem to get rid of this awful line of ingrowns along the sides of my calves. during my most recent wax, the esthetician pointed out that these were impossible to pull out by hot wax, and that i should use an exfoliating stone, sponge or brush to scrub away the outer skin of that area, and then tweeze out the ingrowns. i understand that this is similar to how the product Tend Skin works, by dissolving the unsightly layer of skin/hair.

my worry/question of these methods is, won’t either of them leave huge patches of scarred skin on my leg, discolored from the “older” skin surrounding them? also, isn’t Tend Skin basically an acid, and won’t it hurt like hell upon application?

i am seriously asking these questions because i am sick of feeling self-conscious in shorts/skirts and would love to rid myself of these ingrowns…i just don’t want to have patches of melted/acidified skin on my legs!!


I’m sure that others with more experience will chime in, but I’ve had no problems using Tend Skin for the last month or so, and I definitely have sensitive skin.

It can sting when you put it on, especially if the area is damp or wet, but it only lasts a second or so. If the area is dry, there might be a slight sting due to the alcohol in it.

<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Thanks, Soph!

On another note, do you (or anyone else reading this)have any idea where I could buy it? I know there are a number of places online, but I was wondering if any major stores sold it, so that perhaps I could just as easily run down the street without having to deal with shipping charges?



Hmm, I’m afraid I can’t help you there. I don’t think I’ve seen it in any stores, and the only places I’ve bought it are the place where I had my body waxing done and a place online.

Maybe someone else can reply on this more definitively.

Tend Skin is not yet at a Mega-Lo Mart near you. Currently, the only place you can walk to and buy some would be a local beautician, electrologist, or other aesthetic associate. Of course, there is always mail order.

I just bought Tend Skin for $17.99 at Bu-Ba store. That’s $2.01 cheaper! You can go to Bu-Ba’s website to find the nearest location:
Bu-Ba website

sephora has it though its at regular price