Tend Skin

I read the post about Tend Skin helping to eliminate ingrowns on the thighs and legs which is somethin i suffer from but… would something like this help on the butt? although i have dark curly hair just about everywhere, my butt has thin barely there blonde hairs. since my butt breaks out A LOT i went to a dermatologist who told me its because of the hair follicle and wearing thongs (the friction between the follicle and tight jeans?) Obviously, im not going to stop wearing thongs or tight pants. i have used natures cure which works to an extent but then i still have little bumps that i can feel. would Tend Skin help this problem?

I have used Tend Skin on my face on and off for 2 years and can honestly say it works well for me when I use it once or twice daily. I use it as often as I can until it starts drying my skin too much, then I simply reduce my usage until my face starts regaining moisture. Its a delicate balance but it seems most difficult only during the dry winter months. You’ll know that it is overdrying your skin when applying it and it continues to burn for more than a couple seconds. I usually run a cotton pad soaked with the Tend Skin solution over my face twice to ensure complete coverage. If it burns the second time (especially if it burns MORE the second time) then I know I have been over-doing it. Consistency is key. I have seen some improvement in a matter of days, but using it for a month or more is when my face really starts to look/feel smooth and healthy. After several months it seems as though my skin builds a tolerance to the product, so I “cycle off” it for a month or so. It seems to work best when I do this and start consistent use of it again. My sister, same genes and same hair type, turned me on to Tend Skin because she had been using it on her legs and bikini are with similar success. We both love it, but find it too expensive to make a life-long habit. I am going to begin experimenting with blending the same ingredients myself until I find the right ratios. I will then be able to make my own for a fraction of the cost. $40 per 16 oz bottle is too expensive.

If money is the issue, and your own concoction creates a problem for you, Follique is cheaper than Tend Skin.