Tend Skin

Does anyone know where I can purchase Tend Skin in Sydney? I want to use it before starting electrolysis. :confused:

If your concern is ingrown hairs then your electrologist may be able to treat them without Tend Skin. I’m not from Australia and I don’t know where they sell it there, but there might be some alternative treatments for ingrowns. All it is acid that will peel your skin on top of the ingrown. Maybe there are other similar products that are manufactured locally. Ask in your local pharmacy.
Another option is to buy it online.

another option is to saturate a small amount of alcohol with Aspirin and use a cotton swab as an applicator. Just be sure to store the mixture in a glass container with a secure, water tight lid. If you don’t, it will eat through it’s container and make a mess.

Thanks for the good advice guys! I have tried a few different products, but I don’t seem to get the results that they declare. I will keep looking around for Tend Skin but until then I’ll give your remedy a go James :smile:

Don’t know about Sidney, but you can check out their website at www.tendskin.com.