Tend Skin safe?

I want to buy Tend Skin, but I am a little worried because of
It’s from 2001, does anyone know if Tend Skin is approved as being safe now or is there still controversy?

In those letters I think it’s more of an issue of the effectiveness of aspirin as a topical. And that it hasn’t gone through clinical trials as it should. The letters are legitimate, things should be tested before claims are made. Me, I think the main risk with Tend Skin is the alcohol content. All in all though, as much as Tend Skin gets praise on this forum, it is a little ‘scammish’. For what’s in Tend Skin, it costs way, way, way too much. It’s outrageously priced. I still have my little 4 oz. bottle not used up. I felt so guilty for spending sixteen dollars on aspirin and alcohol. I think the people at Tend Skin believe that if somebody is silly enough to buy it twice, then it’s the buyer’s fault, take their money. Learn to make it yourself. The directions are posted in the Rotary Epilators forum. The home style does work!

If you’re still concerned, then just use Witch Hazel. It’s a lot less expensive, safer, healthier, and just slightly less effective. Get it at Wal-Mart for $2.40 a bottle.


Thanks for the help. I will definitely look into creating my own after reading that topic.

I just bought some Witch Hazel, do you think it will work better if I crush some aspirin and put that in the mix as well?
How much aspirin would you suggest I add?

If you go to this thread, Tend Skin post and go about half way down, you’ll see my post on this. This post, if you haven’t already visited it, lets you know about the whole aspirin thing.

You could experiment, but the more water content the mixture has, the more the aspirin will be destroyed, and if the compound heats up when you shake in the crushed aspirin, then you’re dealing with aspirin molecule instability. Which means what you don’t use fairly soon (hours?) you’ll have to toss away. Also, make sure you seperate out the chalk or you’ll get a mixture that gets starch chalk all over you. Me? I think it’s best to try making the alcohol/aspirin compound and perfecting that recipe, then use the witch hazel later afterwards. Because if you buy a big bottle of alcohol and cheap generic aspirin it’s pretty inexpensive to make a batch to use all week and throw away. After you get in the habit, it’s pretty easy.

If you do mix in aspirin with witch hazel, don’t use more than twenty regular sized aspirin per pint (16 ounces)of witch hazel.

Honestly, you have me curious now, I never thought about how stable aspirin would be in pure witch hazel. I generally use hydrocortisone cream with 1% aloe to get rid of electrolysis bumps, but now you got me thinking. I may experiment soon with that.

What I kept on hand to make batches of aspirin/alcohol (tend skin-like stuff):

  1. A small stone crucible to crush up the aspirin.

  2. An empty, dry one pint mixing bottle to shake it and let it sit.

  3. A dispensing bottle so it wouldn’t slosh all over the place.

  4. Cotton balls


Hi All

Both Cortison and Aspirin products can cause sever systematic effects even if applied topically. Cortison derivitives for allergies killed my father in 2003. He died from systematic intake of Cortisone resulting in massive brain heamorage. Aspirin too is a vascular dilator and a blood thinner often used in cardiac cases.

Care must be taken with both, and avoided if possible. I would reccomend a topical hypoallergenic cream to sooth bumps and irritation. It may take longer to work, but is much safer. Alternativly consult a licenced medical doctor regarding the other preperations.