tend skin in Canada?

Does anyone know if I Tend Skin is sold in Canada? If yes, then where? Thanx :relaxed:


Yes Tend Skin is available in Canada, in fact I sell it at my salon.

You should be able to find an esthetician that sells it.
If not then let me know and I can mail you some if you have paypal.


Shoot! I should have searched these boards better before ordering! I posted (in Rotary Epilators) if anyone knew where I could order Tend Skin using PayPal a few days ago! :frowning:

I ended up ordering through http://www.tendskin-canada.com/ … with my credit card.

If I like it, I’ll order through you next time Kathy! :wink: … if that’s alright with you?

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Hey no problem!

I find Tend Skin to be like a miracle drug for skin…have tons of people loving it.

How are you enjoying it?


My Tend Skin just arrived yesterday and I tried it for the first time this evening. I’ll have a better idea of what I think in about a week. I’m tempted to shave my bikini area and really test this stuff out :stuck_out_tongue: because ever since I started epilating there I don’t get the bumps anymore… just a few ingrowns.



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