Tend Skin, Boston Area?

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone living in the Boston Area buys TendSkin from any local beauticians/estheticians, and if so, where? I am trying to avoid the whole mail-order process.



you can find it at any sephora, in store, online.

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Be careful with Tend Skin. A patient sued me because they became severely red skinned for months and peeled for weeks after. My insurance company sent the litigation to the Tend Skin Company and we never heard anything since and that was 5 years ago! We stopped using it. Click to ElectrolysisInformation.com and note after treatment in the Q. & A. section.

Tend Skin has a very low pH and is acidic. If you apply the product to your client or you apply it to yourself and this causes a burning sensation that lasts more than a few seconds, apply cool water on the area. The water will bring the pH level of your skin closer to normal and the burning sensation should stop.