Temporary side effects in Electrolysis.

Inflammatory response & Primary lesions


  • No difficulties anticipated, because reaction resolves by itself.
  • Keep area clean: mild anti-bacterial soap. May use mild antiseptic lotion.

Source: Treatment Strategy for Electrology.
Regrowth, Wound healing, Overtreatment

by Michael Bono.

The length and shape of the inflammatory response depends on:

  • The sensitivity of each individual´s skin.
  • The density of treated follicles in one session (in the form of isolated points if the density is minimal, and plate-uniform if the density is maximum).






Maybe there’s no need to say this…anyway; use very clean clothes during the inflammation time.

Brava Jossy!

Great pictures of the temporary side effects Josefa! :slight_smile:

I wonder if the person in the “belly” photo could be allergic to the steel of the probe.

many people are allergic to nickel, which is a part of stainless steel. most people who get green skin from jewelry are having a nickel reaction. For those people gold probes are a good choice.

Yup, perhaps, the reason for such a reaction is not the treatment, but an allergy…

The reason for this reaction was the almost 3000 treated follicles in about two hours of time for which such session. (The photos was taken immediately after the session ends). Speed can reach our hands with a machine designed to fly, and the client tolerate the required parameters or, as in this case, the application of EMLA was necessary.

You will not see this reaction by 15-minute sessions once a week. And using 10 or 12 seconds per hair. Let’s be reasonable, folks, the Electrolysis of the century XXI is an electrolysis as fast as our hands can achieve, and more effective than anything that was invented so far, including any type of laser. Customers should be aware of the entire process. The photos of “before” and “After” are spectacular, but in the middle is a difficult process with which we deal with if we want to look, and keep a skin soft like this:

I suggested an allergic reaction, because normally, if would take hours to clear 3000 hairs on a large area like that. If you can do all that in 2 hours, I’m sincerely humbled. Though, as they say, seeing is believing. :slight_smile:

On large flat areas like the abdomen, it is possible to do 3,000 insertions in two hours. That would be 25 insertions per minute. Again, it is strategy. Next, it comes down to equipment and focus.

My personal best has been 1,200 insertions per hour on a man’s back. I do not use a foot switch. I set my timer to .3 seconds, stake out my “hair neighborhoods” and shoot away in PicoFlash. Hairs slide out and skin reaction is much like Jossie’s pictures. This is accomplished with the Apilus Platinum. Before I had the Apilus Platinum, I was doing the very same strategy in MicroFlash with the Sil-Tone VMC.

Yes, this can be accomplished. It is fun to do and the client appreciates seeing hair on the white sheet below them, as opposed to on their abdomen or back.

You can do this, too, yb.

One thing that I pay attention to before I embark on this strategy, is food. I drink water and eat protein, as anything sugary makes me sleepy and a little shaky. In fact, I graze like a cow during a work day, eating small portions of healthy protein and water. Might sound goofy to some, but I discovered this is best for focusing and having a steady hand.

yb check out some of Josefas footage on youtube, it’s surprising she doesn’t have someone throwing buckets of water over her as she works, she’s on fire :wink:


Pretty awesome! What magnification and what probes do you use? Why did you desert your VMC for the Platinum?

yb, a century ago, nobody believed that man would reach the moon.

The density of hairs in this area was not excessive, so the swelling in the shape of points similar to a mosquito bite.

As Dee said, any of us can manage to overcome 1200 follicles per hour, on arms, legs, stomach, belly, back, chest. Probably your machine (regardless of the brand) can be programmed to work in less than a second. The rest, the insertion speed, you get if you spend many hours each day doing body areas.

Follizap, do you go on board? :wink:

I would if I could but sitting on top might be more fun :slight_smile:

Yes, it is pretty awesome and it is quite satisfying to be able to offer the gift of speed to my hairest clients who suffer too much.

I use insulated probes and surgical loupes. Gold, too, depending.

Yesterday, I used an insulated Laurier probe on my clients abdomen, etc. Concentrated work was accomplish from the top of the pubic line to her clavicles, areola’s included. Insertions accomplished: 2,265 in 170 minutes. Skin reaction : pink and a little bumpy. Used a thermolysis mode called Synchro in Lip program and the hairs slid out with ease and full bulbs. Client was comfortable. No need for anesthetic help.

I used the Sil-Tone VMC for years. It is a great epilator, much like the Apilus SX-500. Treatment with these epilators are awesome, but I bought the Apilus Platinum because rumors were, that the AP was even more comfortable . The rumors were true. I still have the Sil-Tone VMC just in case…

Are you using the VMC, yb?

We need to clone Josefa & the other electrologists here. My only experience with “temporary side effects in electrolysis” is the one people had 30 years ago (ie. hyperpigmentation on every single insertion) but with someone using the same machine as her.

It takes at least 3 months before I can even dare show the areas to others and by then I have to go for treatment again. The only reason why I do it is because it does work, albeit at a kill rate of about 20% per clearance at best. Yes I’m desperate.

Impossable, allow me a suggestion? Why not talk to your electrologist? if she/he agrees to work with the needle Laurier, you can buy your own needles. I assure you will see a big difference. I can not guarantee that you will not have some hyperpigmentation, but much less than usual. :slight_smile:


I felt like that rocket today.

I used a Laurier #3 medium on a man’s back today working in the Synchro mode, Back program level 2. My God! I had the best time ever! The client was very comfortable and the hairs were flying out with nice full bulbs whether they were in anagen or telogen (grains of salt). This is THE BEST PROBE for this type of work. No anesthetic and 1,665 insertions were accomplished in almost two hours. Skin was pink - not red. No lymph fluid. He wanted to go longer, but I needed to be somewhere and had to stop.

Mike Roy, I have had plenty of time to use the probes you have sent me, and i can conclude that your probes are absolutely AWESOME and of high value to the hairy. Man hair does not stand a chance against the Laurier probe and the genius of Synchro thermolysis. One insertion, one pulse, boom, gone.

I will copy and paste this and put it on the Laurier thread as well.