Telsar takes over SoftLight support


On 23 June 2002, I received a note from J. Peter Zimmer, President/CEO of Telsar Laboratories, Inc.

He informed me they have taken over support in the USA from Thermolase.

Contact information:

1 Enviroway, Suite 100 Wood River, IL 62905

Phone: 618-254-5555
Toll-free: 800-255-9938
Fax: 618-254-5554

Telsar corporate website


Hey Andrea,

What’s your opinion on Softlight laser (where they use carbon lotion to zap the hair)? Does it provide long term results like “normal” lasers.
Is it worth trying or is it already proven to be a waste of money. ONe of my consults told me it is the safest laser for type 4 skin…



I get the impression that the Softlight is ineffective for long-term hair removal.

I asked my practitioner about it and she was reluctant to comment on it. A well known plastic surgeon down the road uses it. My guess is that it’s a medical ethics issue, disparaging the competition when it is another doctor’s office.

I looked at the plastic surgeon’s web site and it promoted the Softlight as hair “modification.” That is not how they were promoting it when I considered going with that laser. Luckily , the technician was fired before my first appointment and it was cancelled. It would have been nice if they would have notified me. I was mad about that so I switched practitioners and that is the best thing that could have happened.

I am a type IV and have had excellent results with the Lightsheer but I can only get treatments in the winter after I have stayed out of the sun for a few months.

The Nd:YAG lasers are supposed to be good for type IVs also but I have not heard results from anyone treated by it.



I looked at the website and it appears that Telsar is affiliated with Coherent. Lumenis, the maker of the Lightsheer diode laser, split off from Coherent a few years ago.

This is getting confusing



Thanks RJC2001,

Andrea, do you have any opinion on this laser…it is worth trying out?..or is it proven to be ineffective with 100% regrowth…Do you know anyones experience with this laser.



Nd:YAGs with the topical lotion are the safest and least effective for long-term results. If you seek a permanent result, you should look into other options.