Tell me that this is NO gimmick


I bought the One Touch Electrolysis in the winter once. Then left it and took it again today to try again. I feel this is a total gimmick.

I have to have the dial at “1” because that’s enough to burn my skin! I can’t insert the stylet without burning my skin as soon as it is inserted. I am not sure that with more experience I will “get it.”

I have tweezed one hair to see how deep the hair follicle is. It is as deep as the stylet tip itself.

I first want to remove my most annoying unwanted hair. It is under my navel. It’s pretty much a lot of hair and they grow towards the middle. It’s so annoying I can’t show it. Depilatory cream works almost well, but you can still see where the hair grows out off (you know like men who shaves and you see where their hair pores are at?). I also have ingrown hair sometimes, and it makes my skin red for weeks and infected because of depilatory or tweezing. This isn’t good.

Please tell me that One Touch is not a gimmick. I don’t know how some people are successfule with it. It burns already by the time I put it in. I can’t suck up and let it burn me for 15 seconds each time.

Believe me, I have NO money to have it professionally done. If I did, I would have done an consultation and removed my hair already.

What do some of you recommend that I do? Please help me with this. I hate unwanted hair!!!

Here are the following hair I want to remove overtime:

Chest-a little
Breast-a little (from my mother grr!)
Under Navel-a lot
Bikini line-a lot (last thing I want to do)



Have you tried hooking up with an electrolysis buddy who has read the same books listed for learning how to understand electrology and trading work yet?



It’s certainly not a gimmick - I’ve seen good results using the OneTouch on my gf for the last year or so. It won’t kill every hair first time (in my experience), but you’ll definately notice a massive reduction once you’ve cleared an area.

Best idea to reduce the pain is to fully insert the stylus before allowing the current to flow. Best way to do this is to cover the metal band on the probe, and only touch the metal contact on the base unit when you’ve got the stylus fully inserted. This is obviously a little tricky if you’re doing it by yourself, so it’s a good idea to get somebody else to help you if possible. If you’re mechanically minded, you could also modify the device to have a foot switch like somebody here has suggested - there’s a webpage outlining the entire procedure somewhere.

You’ll also find different areas of your body will hurt a lot more than others. I tried it on parts of my arms and it was unbelievably painful, but on other areas where you might expect it to be more painful it wasn’t bad at all. Also, depending on the person and the area, you’ll need to leave it in for more or less time than it says in the instructions. Some hairs on some people might be killed in a few seconds on high settings, others may take up to a minute. The only way to really find this out is to do it for yourself and see what works. If a hair is killed is should slide out easily, but this is no guarantee.

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hi guys thank you. i didn’t know that i should insert the stylus first before covering the metal area with salt and water on my finger.

you gave me more information and I didn’t know that it’s possible to have pain and i’d have to bear it.

i don’t know of a “buddy” that knows how to do this. the only person that i can do this with is my mother. i will ask her one day to see if she can help me out.

my concern is what if my mother can’t because she can’t “fee” my pain and “knows” my body’s feeling. Know what I mean? well, I hope it’s definitely better this time with or without my mom. I’ll see how it goes and let you all know. thanks for your tips and I’ll try longer if I can’t bear it.

i definitely want these hair gone, they drive me insane year after year.


andrews totally right, you wont kill every hair in one go but you will notice many will not grow back and those that do will be slightly lighter and youll get rid of them too after a few repeats.
where is that site with the complete guide to setting up a foot switch?


Hi guys, I have tried this again today, and guess what? I did it, I did it, I did it!

For me it’s best that the setting be at zero and count mostly to a minute. When I pluck the hair, most of the time I feel no pain and it’s like the skin is numb and you only feel the plucking. Very few slided out easily that I didn’t feel any plucking, but they were almost easy to pluck out with no problem.

I found that it was mostly best to insert the stylus first before touching the metal with the salt and water.

A few times I felt some pain, but most that were bearable. It’s almost like having a vaccination, but less painful. A few times I felt as if the underskin went bubbly. You know when you see a soup boil? That’s how it felt underneath the skin…why? Is that normal?

Also, on most of them I certainly did not have those whitish thing come out while “killing” the hair. Is that okay? Or is it necessary?

I have had some hair that weren’t fully grown and I removed them. Is it better to “zap” these hair before they grow fully? I had som hair that grew 2 in one “hole,” they were like Siemese twins…lol but I guess it saved me time than having to do each lol.

Lastly, how do I know that the hair has been killed forever? How long should I wait before I know that it has certainly be killed for good?

I think I can do this! It does seem like a forever job and certainly can’t be done in a few hours. I put all the hair on a white piece of paper like tiny does and I don’t have a clue what to do with it, but I’ll see : )

In case you don’t know, I am working on the hair below my navel. Then I have a few on my chests and around my nipples. These are the ones I can certainly work on in an hour because they are so very few. Like maybe 5 hairs.

In the winter it will definitely be better since I won’t be needing to remove hair with depilatory and all the needed hair will grow out necessary to know so I can “zap” them. I hate the fact that I’ll feel like a bit of a gorilla, but I want to “kill” them ugly hair!

Well guys, wish me luck and keep on giving me advices. I am glad I was able to be successful this time around. Boy it took me a few times to “get” how this thing works.

Sorry it’s so long, don’t forget to answer my questions. Thank you!!


I forgot…LATER I want to do my bikini line, but the most part that annoy me are below my navel, etc. etc.

I also forgot to ask something else. After I zap the hair, if they grow back should I zap it immediately after they start growing out of the skin? or should I wait till it’s fully grown to zap it?

Thanks again!


If it’s pluckable, its zapable


this second day i am a chicken. it, for some reason, seem to hurt more than yesterday. no, they are not hair that were not successfully pluckable, just hair that I didn’t finish.

why? I had to change the stylet because it bent. why does it hurt more the second time?? has this happened to anyone? thanks.


if it hurts real bad one day try onother part

or skip that day and try the next


A Zero setting is 10% less amperage than a setting of One, so if that is more comfortable for you, go for it. You need to leave it in long enough so that the hair does not feel like it is being plucked; it should easily slide out and feel much different than a non-treated hair that is plucked normally. After a while you’ll get a feel of how long, at what settings, for different areas of the body, will give you the effective treatment to allow the hair to slide out (however a few hairs retain a bulb that is larger than the follicle opening and sort of pop out even when the root has been successfully treated.

Depending on the hair and how much moisture you have in your body, and the power setting, you will experience different levels of lye production (the whitish, bubbly fluid). The treatment also creates some gas which can get trapped below the skin’s surface and boil underneath; in these situations it’s good to slide the probe in and out a bit to give the gas a chance to escape to the surface so that you don’t build up too much pressure under the skin.

With practice, you’ll know when you have successfully treated a hair and know that it will never return (by how well it slides out). Any hair that is long enough to grasp is a candidate for treatment; actually, newer hairs will have a better success rate of not regrowing.

Hairs on the chest and below the naval tend to be very shallow. Those hairs with very short roots will usually be more painful as the treatment is occurring close to the nerves at the surface of the skin. They will also have a tendency to leave tell tale signs of treatment (red spots) where deep hairs (2.5 to 4 mm below the surface) are less painful and there is nothing to see by the next day.

Straighten bent needles as best you can. The One Touch needles are eay to bend due to the stylus design. Using a professional stylus with a battery and potentiometer has less liklihood of getting bent (see other threads for designs on this).

You may also want to consider using a switch rather than contacting the metal band. See for more information.