Tell me more about Laser induced hair growth

I had laser hair removal for the first time six weeks ago on my butt (I’m type 3 skin and female). The hair that is growing now on my butt is much finer. I know laser can indeuce growth on peach fuzz hair, but what about fine and yet still dark hair?

I know I should get higher joules for my next appointment, but I plain on going to a diferent place next time. lagirl - I plan on seeing Dr. Babapour for my next appointment, but since it’ll be my first time with him, do you think he’ll go as high as 18 joules because it’ll be my second treatment on my butt with finer hair???

tell him it’s your second treatment and that you have been treated at 18 joules before. if you seem like you know what you’re talking about, he’ll be more willing to increase joules. i just had a touch-up and he did 18 joules with 15mm on the perianal area. you should get laser treatments on the dark hairs, even if they’re a bit finer than they were, until you don’t see results after the treatment. then, it will be time to switch to electrolysis.

Thanks! I’ll tell him that! But do you think he’ll be upset or disappointed that I went to some other place before him?

To answer your initial question, yes laser can stimulate fine but dark hair, as it did on my face! I believe they are called advanced vellus. The good news for you is that I don’t think your area being treated is one associated with this problem, although I am not sure. From what I’ve found, it’s most common on women’s faces and men’s shoulders & backs.

no, i don’t think so. tell him you prefer him and they just did it without you realizing it. he might even give you a better price later…? i don’t know <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

laserhater, yes, that’s only usually an issue for women on the face, and in this case this girl’s hair is not fine, they’re just finer after her first treatment since the hair is new and coming out of the dormant stage right now for her.