Teen needing some answers!!!

Hi all,
Im 16. Im about to have a treatment with electrolysis for my neck hairs. I was just wondering, for how long do you think it would be permanently away? In other words, how many sessions? Also, is electrolysis appropriate for eyebrows? Thanks for all the cooperation.

Hi Danny,

I don’t know how long the neck hairs will take but I can answer that having your eyebrows done with electrolysis is fine. Just make sure you have a very competent professional to avoid scarring.


Thanx for the reply. Do you think the eyebrows would take less than a month? ALso, Im doin my treatments in south america, in a country called BOlivia. Im doing it there because its cheaper and my aunt knows this lady and her office , whose been doin this for over 15 years. How do I know if she is a real professional? Any things to consider/to ask about?
Thanx again,

Just something to consider…since you’re only 16, you’ll probably be developing more hair for a few more years.

Any electrology will take more than a month because the hair you see right now is maybe only one-third of all the active hair follicles you have.

There are three stages of hair growth–active growth, resting, and shedding. Each stage lasts about 4-6 weeks. So you can certainly get all your unwanted eyebrow hairs removed in one month (possibly even in just 1-2 sessions, depending on how much hair you’re talking about), but in about 4-6 weeks, the next wave of active growth will come in. And 4-6 weeks after that, the next wave. So it can take 3 months or longer just for every single hair follicle to be treated just once. (Once can be enough to kill it, but sometimes for thick and coarse hairs, they keep coming in, although lighter and thinner, and require repeat treatments.) That’s why electrology requires you to keep at it consistently for a year.

BTW, this is true for laser too, for the same reasons.


Thanx for the reply sue. NOw, talking about waxing, I had around 7-9 waxing treatments over the last 2 months (a difference between 2 weeks in between). I heard ALOt about waxing, and it makes it worse for your hairs. Now Im wondering, Should I stop waxing before my first session? And is true i shall not touch in anyway my treated hair? Thanks all for the support!

Yes, you should stop waxing and tweezing well before your first session. A hair that has been waxed or tweezed can’t be seen or treated and will only come back later.