Teen male full face wax.

I’ve pretty much decided I don’t want to shave my face anymore. As it is now i have to let it grow out for afew days between each shave, and the shaves still don’t turn out well. So i’m wondering if its possible to get a full face wax. I know you can do upper lip and chin… but i’ve had a few people tell me the skin on the cheeks is too sensitive/loose to wax properly. Has anyone done this or even know if its possible and what its results are?

hi there duomo, i suggest that you stay away from waxing your face. Male facial hair is think and tough and waxing will hurt alot in this case. Plus you need to let the hair grow out long enough for the wax to catch. so you’ll have to stay hairy for a while before you can use waxing… what i do suggest you try is threading… now i know it isnt painless… but my uncle used it and his skin came out sooo clear and niceeeeeee…but i can imagine that it hurt. I know females do threading facee and its very good and isnt too painful if the person working on you is fast and quick with the tread.

good luck duo!