Tearful and confused


Ive been to my lady doctor who has told me that facial hair is normal, I was crying so much that I didnt tell her that I shave 3 times a day, because she could’nt see or feel it she assumed it was all in my mind. Anyway things are getting bad for me, my cheeks are prickly and every day there are new bristles on my cheeks to get rid of…how can this be normal? I shave more than my husband and sons, they dont know what I go through, I can cope with shaving my chin as makeup disguises this, but my face is causing me distress.
Anyway Ive found a lovely lady who is going to talk to me about electrolyis, but to my horror she wants me to let it grow a little! Ive told her I cant possibly, its become the norm now to start my day with a shave. Ive told her about this site and she is a bit shocked to know that you all seem to recommend shaving, but to be honest its all I can do to help me get through the day.
Someone please help, is this normal ? Why dont my friends have this? Should I demand a blood test from my doctor? I think the only thing for me is to have laser treatment, but how do I start that?
I live in the UK so some of it could on the NHS (national health service) but I feel as if there could be a wait for this.
Its upsetting because for all the men out there who have changed sex and become women, they can obtain this treatment, and good luck to them, but why isnt my Doctor taking me seriously?
I would rather have HIV than this, at least it could be controlled. Im sorry if I have upset anyone by saying this, but this is truly ruining my life.


Just tell your electrologist that you will need to know what area will be treated at each appointment so that you can leave it unshaved for that appointment.
You should only need one day’s growth for your electrologist to be able to treat the hair.

If I were your electrologist, I would be having you set up a monday morning appointment where you did not shave after Friday so that I could do as full a clearing as possible on Monday. After that, you could shave if needed, or just come back in on Wednesday if needed.

It sounds like you would do well to get all the tests you need to determine if you have a problem that would lend itself to some sort of medicinal care, but either way, you will still need electrolysis to remove the hairs that have already started to grow.