New to the forum . . . hello all.

I’m an ex-rocker-type, male, and grew up with all our culture’s feminine insecurities while maintaining my waify figure and waist-long hair. Years later, the hair on my head seems to be migrating down my spine. I can deal with the baldness, but feel it’s time to take some action against the back hair. It sounds like electrolysis is the best bet.

Two questions:

  1. My hair is pretty uniformly dispersed across my whole torso. Is there a method for removing upper arm/shoulder hair so that it blends into the forearms and chest without leaving an obvious “boundary line” (I’m mostly concerned about the area behind-my-arm-to-the-elbow)?

  2. Are tattooed areas problematic?

I’m looking forward to finding some answers to these questions (and my wife is looking forward to going to the beach again.) This site seems like a great resource.

I would love to hear from any practitioners in the Southern Ohio area.

Yeah, so the search engine works (newbie mistake for not checking)! I’m convinced the tattoos will be safe with a professional.

I’m still wondering about the prospect of not having a clearly defined hair/no-hair line on my upper arms and searching the word “Blend” becomes complicated and cumbersome due to the same-named method.

thanks again,

There are two possibilities.

1.) just have one clearance over the entire area and live with the level of reduction that causes. If more reduction is wanted, do another clearance 6 months later.

2.) find someone with skill who would know how to uniformly select hairs for a consistent thinning in the area.

I think you can achieve a natural look for forearm hair, a la “opera gloves” which some men have naturally.