Tapered Probes...

Hello Hairtellers, looking at the Laurier Probes site, I came across the tapered probes… I want to give them a try, but don’t know the purpose of using them, could anyone tell me where they should be used…? :confused:

The bare tapered needles are intended for galvanic and slow blend operators. They are very popular with the multi-needle galvanic operators.

The IBP is intended for thermolysis and fast blend operators.

Get a copy of A.R. Hinkel’s book, “Electrolysis, Thermolysis and the Blend,” 1968. The details of using tapered needles are completely explained.

For tapered needles to work as designed, they must fit the follicle perfectly. The “taper” should not be “high and dry” sticking-up out of the follicle: then you are just using a normal “straight” needle (which is the way most electrologists use them and thusly think they are not effective.)