TALK to me, I have questions

I’ve read some of these posts, and I’m not sure if I am getting any of the answers I really would like to hear. So please help me out if you can. First my story…

I paid 1500 dollars on laser treatment and one year later I am exactly the same as I was then. I am still paying off that dept. I am left stripped and embarrassed to do anything about it. Anyhow I’ve taken the lost and I’m considering to go the electrolysis route.

I have no problem committing time, and money is going to be rough but I’ll find it. Here are my questions…

First, I want to do my chest, and a little bit of my shoulders. And then I want to thin out the hair on my legs. I’m Italian, happy with some of the things that were passed on to me, but disappointed I have dark hair.

  1. How long on average can it take an electrologist to clear out most of the hair on a man’s chest. I know this depends on how hairy the man is, but I’m asking a number count. How many hairs can they treat in one hour?

  2. Would I be crazy to ask the electrologist to thin out the hair on my legs by jumping around? That sounds insane to me, does it to you guys? :frowning:

  3. Does anyone know anyone in south FL who is recommended?

  4. Is it popular for men to remove hair, because I feel embarrassed half the time.

  5. Is it reasonable to ask for a deal, if you plan on coming often to accomplish your goal?

  6. Does anyone have money that they would like to donate to me? :smile:

Joking about that last one, but please respond, I’m sure anything you have to say would help. I’m seriously depressed, and the thought of investing in something that could change my attitude about life actually gives me hope. Thanks

Sorry to hear your LASER didn’t work…

I can confidently answer most of your questions to a degree… if you wnat full details, try the search, or go and have a couple of consultations with electrologists in your area…

  1. It varies widely, depends on the practitioner skill and the modality used.

  2. Electrologists have techniques that they can use to thin your hair out… and a random approach like you suggest would be one of those…

  3. It is very popular to remove excess or unwanted hair - some men will stop once they have their back done, other will go a lot further… it really depends on what you like, and what you are comfortable with… don’t worry what other people may think - you are more likely to be noticed at the beach for having a hair back and shoulders than for having smooth legs and underarms…

  4. Yes, you can buy a block of time, or do some deal with the ongoing work… you need to ask the individual practitioner you choose about that aspect…

  5. No, but the electrolysis treatment is spaced out at regular intervals, so you don’t have to come up with thousands of $$ up front… although it could save you some money if you buy a block of time…

Good luck,


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AHHH: I never tried laser. I always used elrctrolysis for my hair removal and once it is ouy it stays out. I started with removing the hair on my chest and was so pleased with the feel I then removed my pubic and underarm hair. I don’t know why you feel you might be embarrased. Just take a look at all the male model in the magazines and newspapers. Rarely do they use models with chest hair. That means to me that the consensus is most women like a smooth chest on a man. Advertisers know what sells best. Otherwise the demand would be for hairy models. Go for it. You will not regret it.

About 50% of my practitioners clients are men and that goes for both electrolysis and laser. So don’t be embarassed!

Sorry to hear about the poor results with laser, how many treatments did you have and what was the laser used?

I can understand why you are disappointed with the laser results, but it may have been due to practitioner inexperience. IMHO you have to be aggressive with the laser to get results and you have to be willing to risk some redness and scabbing. That’s where practitioner skill comes in.

Good luck with electrolysis it works for everyone and you can use it year round even if you are a sun worshipper. I am using electrolysis on my white chest hairs and it works very well. It doesn’ hurt any more than laser and if you get multi-needle blend there are no scabs. It costs me $100 per hour, same as laser or IPL per hour.


Thanks guys for responding,
I had the Apogee used on me I believe. I was sort of ignorant going into it, and that’s where my mistake was. I only had one treatment done and I knew right off the bat it wasn’t going to work out, basically because the dermatologist involved was angry about the price cut his wife gave me. He also made statements that I may not need to ever come back, and I just felt extremely unwelcomed and uncared for. I also had waxed many times my whole body and I’ve come to understand that is not a good thing for laser treatments. I had a tan going too, and I was told this wasn’t a problem. I wasn’t told the level of power the machine was on, and although it was painful, I know I could have taken more for true results. So now a year later I decided I would never invest another 1500 dollars for the treatment on my body, I’d rather pay hourly for something I feel is more promising. However I’m starting to find out that everything is a lesson, and I can only hope this will work out for me. I need to find a good electrolysis in South FL! I can’t depend on yellow page Ads.

P.S. I’m so dumb, I signed something explaining basically that permanent results vary and that I understood that… I swear I have seen so many of my mistakes, and I can’t believe how naive I was.

Having only one treatment done on skin that is tanned = not a good test for laser. If you are tan even low fluences will hurt.

Electrolysis can be used on tan skin though. You will have to be patient though because you will have to invest many hours and spend a lot of money.