Taking the plunge! My experience with electrolysis

Hello! My name is Kara, and I have been reading just about every single thread on this website for some time now. I am a 26 year old female who recently started noticing some unwanted hair growth on her upper lip.

I had my hormones checked and everything was fine (whew!). My periods are regular. I am not overweight, nor have I gained a significant amount of weight in a short time. I have had an ultrasound within the past year and nothing bad was found. I have never done any plucking, tweezing, depilatories, or waxing (except once, about 5 weeks ago). SO my hair on the lip is pretty virgin, so I am really hoping to have faster/better results with electrolysis because of this.

As soon as I noticed dark hairs, I searched vigorously for a long term solution. It messed with my self confidence something fierce. My boyfriend, my mother, and my friends that I have spoken to about this have never noticed anything except for ‘peach fuzz’ - but that really doesn’t matter, does it? It matters to me, when I look in the mirror while I do my make-up, while I take one of those stupid ‘selfies’ that are so popular. I am constantly thinking about it now and scrutinizing every single hair all over my body, wondering if it should be there or that long or whatever.

For the longest time I thought that I was sick. I was terrified. I didn’t really know if I had always had this dark hair and was just noticing it recently, or if it had shown up out of the blue one day. Everything I read online was terrifying. I was convinced that something HAD to be wrong with me - there was just no way something like this could be ‘normal’. And, as you all seem to be well aware, it turns out it’s very normal. Albeit inconvenient.

So, I went for my consultation. It is a place here in Barrie, Ontario - a small hole in the wall, and I was very nervous going to it. I told no one that I was going because I was embarrassed. My boyfriend thought I went to the mall - but nope, I was with Gail, getting my face zapped!!! She did about 10-15 minutes on my upper lip for free, and I went home super red. Well, I had to explain to my boyfriend at that point what I was up to, and he just laughed it off. God love him.

Anywho, the following weeks after that I was really unsure about electrolysis as a whole. I was red, inflamed, and got a few zits. The scabs irritated me, and I - gasp - ‘picked’ at them to try and make them fall off faster. Now, I have small scarring - but honestly, that was about a month ago and they are healing up alright now.

I then went on vacation for two weeks. I was so self - conscious about my lip hair that I went and got it waxed - and it was fine. It hurt terribly, but the smooth feeling and the confidence it gave me far outweighed the pain of it being done. However, quite obviously, about a week later it grew back. Shocking, right?! It was no worse than it had been before, but I knew right then that I just simply did not want to have to do that for the rest of my freaking life.

My vacation was absolutely ruined by my stress. I was so concerned/convinced that I was ill, that it was all I could think about. I went to the duty doctor, got my blood tested, and then I had to wait for my doctor’s appointment with my family doctor. I tried calling a few days before to hear the results over the phone, but was told that my doctor wanted to discuss them with me in person. I was so worried. Buuuuut it turns out that receptionists pretty much have to say stuff like that, and when I went for my appointment my doctor (whom I trust very much) told me my hormones were ‘perfect’.

It was such a relief to hear that I wasn’t sick. From that exact moment on, I stopped being stressed and sad and got ANGRY. Angry at my body for ‘betraying’ me, angry at myself for ruining my vacation with my family and my two new nieces, angry that I would let myself get so worked up over something that almost every other woman has.

I am going to rid myself of these hairs. I will not let it take over my life, ruining my self confidence. I was so worried that y boyfriend would see the hair and find me gross and leave me or something, but I realize now that the only way I would lose him over this is if I let it ruin my life and my happiness.

I came back from vacation, and immediately booked a session with Gail. That was yesterday. I thought I would never 45 minutes - I have hair on my upper lip, one of two on my nipples, and a few on my abdomen that I so stupidly shaved once and now are haunting me. These hairs (the nipple area and the abdomen) don’t bother me too badly, but I thought since I would be there anyway I would just have her take care of them.

She only did 20 minutes, cleared my abdomen, zapped the few hairs on my nipples, and got quite a bit of work done on my lip. I felt absolutely nothing on my abdomen and nipple area. Obviously I felt the warmth of the zapping, but when she pulled the hairs out I didn’t even know. From all the reading I’ve done that’s apparently a job well done.

One the upper lip, it was painful, but bearable. There was some tugging with the hair, but it was never painful - is that typical?

It is now 24 hours later. I have no worn makeup yet, and won’t for probably another 24 hours. I have been careful not to touch the areas, have applied aloe, iced it all, and just bought some witch hazel and applied that with a sterile cotton pad. The redness is gone down considerably since yesterday. You can still see tiny red dots, but they’re tiny - much tinier than during my consultation, and I feel like thats partly to do with the fact that I have been so careful about not touching it and because I’ve kept it clean.

Gail uses thermolysis. She has been doing it about 8 years now, and she is very encouraging. When I’m nervous, I tend to chatter - she dealt with that and my questions very well, and I look forward to working with her in the future. She cleared most of the dark hairs on the corner of my upper lip, and I’m very happy with that. I already feel more confident and happy, because I’ve taken one step closer to my goal.

I will keep you all updated as I go along. Sorry for such a long post!!! Like I said, I chatter when I’m nervous :wink:

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Awesome post. Keep this thread updated and good luck on becoming hair free!!

Thanks very much, I promise to keep the thread up to date.

It’s now two days after my treatment and I have pinpoint scabbing. I’m hoping this is normal, and will go away within a couple of days. I feel a little bit worried because nearly every post on here says that if you’re scabbing or if you can see some markings, then something is wrong.

You can only see them up close and I feel with makeup you won’t see them at all, but I don’t want to put any makeup over it until later tonight before I go to the airport to pick up my boyfriend! Lol. I’ll try and post a picture later so you can give me better advice, maybe!

Thanks all!

I get pinpoint scabs all the time . It has not caused scarring of any kind.Hopefully that makes you feel better.

A picture would be great.

I don’t know of any Electrologist that tells their clients that the scabbing is not acceptable. There are none on this board. Many times, we can give scab-free treatments, but if there is some very small pinpoint scabs, that is not something that raises my bunny ears.

There is scabbing and then there is SCABBING! First degree scabbing is acceptable. Second and third degree scabbing should not be repeated over and over again. If the scabbing is of the second and third degree nature, then the strategy should be re-evaluated.

I tell my clients to expect puffiness, redness, irritation or small scabs as part of the normal healing process for certain skin types and when the hair is coarse and dense. They are temporary and will disappear with proper care.

We are destroying tissue underneath the skin to PERMANENTLY stop hair growth. What do you expect as far as skin reaction goes? This is called the natural healing process. Do not worry.

Could you post pictures depicting first, second and third degree scabbing? I’d like to see them for comparison purposes, as I’m not sure what qualifies as each category.


I concur with Dee and Seana,

Think of the tiny scab as a “clean cap” for the skin. Once in place no “nasty meanies” can enter the wounded skin. And, that’s what it’s for.

The scab is mostly blood serum and clotting factors that fill the destroyed follicle and “bubble-up” to the surface … something like that. It’s natural and beneficial. These “dots” quickly “dry” and then wash-off (or fall off) when the epidermis closes the wound gap. Don’t pick at them (that’s defeating the purpose).

No cotton-pickin’ pickin’!

Wow, I cannot tell you how glad I am to have posted on this site. You guys are so encouraging and supportive! I am attaching a photo - the quality isn’t the best, but hopefully you will get the idea.

I think I explained myself wrong, there. When I said ‘on here’ I meant the whole interwebs and just didn’t explain properly, silly me! It just seems that most websites say that scabbing on the body is absolutely expected, and that if it’s on the face it’s really rare and unusual. I’m comforted greatly by your words, so thanks for that!


Hopefully that link works!

Edit: also, at this point (almost 48 hours after treatment) is it safe to put makeup on? It’s brand new makeup. Also, is a damp washcloth followed by with hazel and aloe a good way to clean it at night?

You photo looks fine. Applying makeup is also fine at this point.

(Sie schprechen sehr gut English!)

Thank you! That’s a relief!

Just a question - because I have fine hair on my upper lip (it’s dark though - noticeable only up close, I like to think). Is 12 days too long to go in between appointments? I want to get this over with as quickly as possible and I understand that a lot of appointments closer together in the beginning is how to achieve that. Also, 15 minutes is about the length of time I should be doing, am I right?

Thanks all!

Umm, yes and no.

My personal feeling is that dark hair shows. Some might be finer, but will show up as shadow. As long as there is hair there that can be removed, that is bothering you to have on you face, then it’s a good idea to remove it with electrolysis. When you get to the point there isnt hair that is bothering you, you wait until there is enough hair there you DO want removed and keep going until that is all gone.

If 15 minutes every two weeks is meeting this goal/objective, then yes, it’s enough. If there is hair there that you dont want to see, keep going until there isnt.


Hello Seana, thanks for your replies!

I am in no way saying that the hair there is completely unnoticeable - lol - I suppose what I was trying to communicate was that it thankfully does not seem to bother my boyfriend or my friends. There is a faint shadow there that I will take care of with electrolysis and no other way!!

I just wanted to make sure that I will still get results from that sort of schedule. She did about ten minutes of a 20 minute session last Thursday and got quite a few of the more noticeable hairs on the corners of my lips, I am hoping for her to move a little bit further in this time as well as touch on the corner area again (provided I am healed up enough).

I am nervous about over treating the area and looking terrible in between my sessions. As long as I am consistent, I hope that this will be okay! Just wanted some reassurance :slight_smile:

Also, it is now 4 days after my first official treatment and on my face, there is no sign that electrolysis was done, except for a few small scabs that are still there that are nicely covered with makeup. On my abdomen there are still scabs, but they look like they are healing up nicely!

Hello, just wanted to keep this thread updated with my progress.

Went last night for my second ‘real’ appointment, it was for 30 minutes and we worked on the upper lip and the abdomen, as well as a few stray hairs on my chin and nipples. There was just one single darker hair on the middle of my chest and she took care of that one real quick!

The woman that I usually go to was not available, so I agreed to meet with the owner of the practice. Right now I am so glad that I did and I feel like I will be booking my appointments solely with her from this point forward. She has over 30 years of experience, and her ‘side’ of the office was much more comfortable in general. I am not sure what machine she uses, but it hurt far less than the other woman’s.

I chatted with her nervously like I always do, and she told me that I should have no problem getting a clearance very soon. I asked her how many more appointments like this until then, and she told me that I would be very close, even after this one appointment. Looking at the hairs that are left on my lip I am extremely happy with the amount of work she managed to get done in the 20 or so minutes that she actually worked on the lip area. I believe maybe one or two more appointments and I will be at clearance level.

I do have a question though, when we talk about ‘clearances’ is this generally a COMPLETELY hairless area? Or just all of the dark hairs gone, maybe leaving a few clear ‘peach fuzzies’?

This whole process is definitely not something to take on lightly. This has been an incredibly emotional journey for me and I know it will continue, but if I keep getting results every time I cannot see myself getting discouraged to the point of giving up.

The three hairs on my chin are very close together and I believe popped up because I was plucking one of them. She said she were really coarse, and took a few more zaps than normal to pull them out. But they are out now and I almost just want them to hurry up and come back again so that I can zap 'em again and get closer to being finished!

I will attach a photo of what I looked like about fifteen minutes after treatment. I will post another picture in a few days to show the healing process.


Today, the morning after, there is very little redness, almost to the point of disbelief. On most of the lip area, there is practically no sign of electrolysis even having been done. The redness from the photo (I know its still not the best quality ever) went down in a few hours, and even my boyfriend was surprised at how little he noticed. I don’t know if it was because I am getting used to the sensation, or it was the skill of the woman doing it, or if it was the machine, or because I drank SO MUCH water that day to prepare, or a combination of everything, but overall it was a decent experience.

If anyone can offer some encouraging words, I would really appreciate it! Thanks guys!

***** SO SO SORRY for the multiple posts. It seems to be the only way I could post everything, as the forum seemed to be deleting my one big long one. Frustrating!! I will fix it soon, hopefully it will work later on!

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Hello all! I said I would keep this updated as I go along, so here I am doing that.

I have had three sessions so far, each one about 2 weeks apart plus or minus a few days. Things are going well, but as you all know I am impatient!!! I just can’t wait to have an area completed, particularly my upper lip.

Gail, my electrologist, says that after a few more appointments spaces 2 weeks apart I can start going once a month for as long as needed. I am looking forward to when we reach that point - shouldn’t be too far off, she tells me, and I feel like I will be able to handle that no problem.

I have added my abdomen and nipple area on to my treatments, I never had a huge problem in these areas (just a few coarse hairs) that were never waxed or plucked, but I thought - what the heck! Why not add that on too?!

I got for half hour sessions, half of that is spent on my upper lip, the rest on my abdomen and wherever else I direct her to for some stray hairs.

I will say that my skin on my face around the treated area is always insatiably DRY. I am applying lots of moisturizer (only aloe for about three days after treatment though) and nothing seems to be stopping that. I just have to gently exfoliate I suppose.

Anyway, that’s where I am at right now. Still chugging along!

Congratulations on your progress.